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Toddler yoga?

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I am the mom of a VERY active and rather "high-strung" toddler. I would like to try some simple yoga poses with him-I think he would enjoy it, and it would give us a specific activity together-also nice since we get less one-on-one time now. Anybody else done yoga with a toddler-what did you do and how did it go? (I plan on just doing it in our home, not going to classes).
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dd learned tree pose and downward dog first-and also did cat/cow and triangle early on as well. I think anything with a name they recognize is fun for them! We've done some videos together, which she loves (if you do tv)-We got her the YogaKid's video (by Gaiam) for Christmas and we really like it-very laid back. We have the ABC one. Actually, we haven't been doing much yoga since I finished the prenatal class (seh came with me), so I'm glad I read this, it is something I have been wanting to start doing with her again Oh, and fwiw, she does a lot more when watching the video versus watching me, although she also did a lot watching the teacher in class-I guess I am not exciting enough, lol
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We got a book called "what I see I can be". It has a CD with it too. It helps kids imagine they are the things in the poses, like trees or mountains. My DD loves it and she's 2.5.
she can't do all of them, but it gets her trying anyways. She naturally does some of the poses anyways.
We also try to get her to focus on her breath, that seems to calm her down.
Good luck momma!
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We got the yoga kids videos from the library and my twins who prefer volume 1 to the other volumes. They still sit looking at each other doing "lion pose" and take turns roaring at each other. Of course they are giggling the whole time.
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Originally Posted by greenemami View Post
We got her the YogaKid's video (by Gaiam) for Christmas and we really like it-very laid back. We have the ABC one.
I just ordered this one (with Silly to Calm bundled in) from Amazon after borrowing it from the library.

Both kids loved it (4 and 2).
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At two years old, DS is still pretty young in my opinion when it comes to yoga, but he has the triangle down. Once in triangle, I ask him to lift his leg, then the other. I pretty much got him to go through sun salutations once by just asking to raise his arms, put them on the floor, do triangle, etc. Pretty fun. Sometimes, he does breath of fire (fast breathing) and then I join in and we take turns. My friend who taught 3-5 yo's told them stories such as: 'and now we are walking through the mountains and we see a tree (tree pose)'. This worked really well for these children. The kundalini yoga tradition also has some great literature for children's yoga.
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we also love the yoga kids videos. my kids ask for it. we have vol 1 - 3.
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This site features a new yoga pose/activity for kids every other week. They are really fun!
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