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Can we share our baby to do lists?

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I am due near the end of the month (I'm 30 weeks) so I know most of you are much closer than I am! What's left on your "to do" list? To be honest, this is our first baby born outside the US so I'm not exactly sure where to get/how to get some things that I want and need. Plus it is our third so we've been busy with them and not exactly focused on this babe's arrival.

Last week my daughter fractured her arm (requiring surgery) and will be in a cast until I'm 37 weeks...that sent me into panic mode-I have so much left to get ready!!

So...can we share our lists? I'm going to write mine down first and post shortly...I need some accountability here!!
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I'm supposed to have a list? I don't really have one. I'll try to make one up.

  1. I have to wash some baby stuff.
  2. I have to unpack our crib, but since the baby won't sleep in it for a few months I don't feel rushed.
  3. I have to figure out when I want to start taking my RRL tea & EPO regularly.
  4. I have to finish sewing some newborn diapers.
Other then these things, I'm not quite sure what else I need/want to do to prepare.
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I need some accountability, too. Days fly by w/o much progress lately.

1. Finish sewing & putting snaps on cloth diapers.
2. Wash all the baby clothes, burp clothes & blankets we got from the shower.
3. Order Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper & car seat bases
4. Clean up/organize the whole entire house and stop making messes!
5. Schedule c-sec, doula/SIL, put together music for the birth, figure out what to do with the dog while I'm in the hospital.
6. Put together kits of dry ingredients for baked goods that we enjoy so I can throw things together quickly.
7. Cook & freeze a few more meals.
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Freeze some meals..
prewash baby clothes and moses basket linens..
rewash baby diapers (will probably do that today- just need to get some tide and washing soda for a good stripping)

clean up my bedroom and living room- the bedroom needs serious help
roll up rug and set up birth pool (but won't want to do that for several weeks still)
go through my birth kit (haven't even opened it yet)
read up some birth books (I have one on homebirth that I still haven't finished)
attend my baby shower! (ha! pretty much all the work on that is done, as I got an update today!)

At the end of May I really need to focus on getting back on track with my chiro and acupuncture appts. I am still seeing the midwife when I am supposed to, but I have a hectic schedule and really lapsed on those two.
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Well, let's see:

find a dresser for DS so the baby can have the one that matches the crib
Convert the crib back to a crib (even though we won't use it)
wash all the baby clothes
Buy a carseat
Finish transfering DS to his new room (he wanted it)

I would like to:
Finish the quilts I started
weed the backyard
finish our landscaping project out front so we'll have a nice table and chairs out there to sit and watch DS play

Long list, not good. I am due June 3rd!
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I have totally been feeling the nesting bug lately as it pertains to doing stuff for the baby. Luckily I don't feel too rushed.

1. Purchase a pack and play for our bedroom
2. Purchase a carseat
3. Purchase the crib/mattress (I think I'm getting it at www.albeebaby.com so I need to get on ordering it), DH isn't going to put it together until baby comes though
4. Buy baby detergent and wash some clothes, especially the newborn clothes
5. Rearrange office into office-guestroom with our futon
6. Figure out office desk solution
7. Buy diapers, wipes, and some bottles
8. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets so I won't feel panicky when other people are cooking in my kitchen
9. Cook and freeze at least a week's worth of dinners
10. Put together the small cookbook of recipes for Dh
11. Bake some cookies and muffins for the bris
12. Put together list of invitees for my baby shower
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Paint bedroom
Wash cloth diapers
Find disposable liners
Freezer Meals
Gather birth supplies
Massive spring clean of house and car
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Oooo! I love lists! And I love reading other people's lists so I can add to mine!

1. Get DH to finish painting trim in baby's room
2. Get some more bins for shelves in baby's room
3. Sort PILES of handmedown clothing
4. buy dresser and stock it
5. sew cover for handme down glider
6. DD and I are going to paint some art for the baby's room
7. buy snap and go frame
8 pick up boppy, car seat, bouncy seat, bjorn handmedowns
9. put together crib and co-sleeper (for other sleep options)
10. rearrange a few closets to take in stuff that was moved out of baby's room
11. arrange Big Sister arts and crafts party for DD (paint, decorate onsies, a few games. I want to make cupcakes that look like breasts but I think that might make some of my friends a little crazy!
12. For birth - meetings with doula, buy or borrow a birth ball, continuing my relaxation and breathing exercises.
13. Freeze a few meals
14. make my list of people to take DD
15. go to my girls night out shower!

non baby
1. put in my annual flower garden
2. 3-4 more school fundraisers
3. hosting a baby shower for two other friends
4. Get work stuff under control so it can stand a few weeks without me paying attention to it.
5. sign up for DD's summer camp.
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I forgot freezer meals and shampooing the carpets
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I'll make 2 lists, a house list and a baby list
House stuff:
1. plant my garden (hopefully happening today)
2. clean my house really well before the baby shower in 2 weeks (it's at my house even though my friends are throwing it lol)
3. take everything out of the spare room (the loveseat mostly, I have a HUGE birth tub) and put up whatever pictures I want for birth, get it ready for the birth tub to go in there.
4. clean off the junk on top of my dresser. I want my bedroom to be spotless!
5. On my nesting list is cleaning the sides/back of the stove, but I guess that's not REALLY needed....
6. buy more labor foods and some easy snacks for postpartum
7. clean out the car really really really well (so I can put in the carseat)

Baby stuff:
1. get small diaper covers from my friend
2. get maya wrap and bouncy seat from other friend
3. clean up and bring in the swing from the garage, and find a place for it that my kids will not destroy....
4. get some pants and/or baby legs in neutral patterns (I have lots of baby shirts and no baby pants)
5. get my birth kit things together, including things I need from friends and things to order online, and put it all in a plastic tote (THIS WEEK!! NOTE TO SELF: DO THIS!! )
6. install the carseat
7. figure out whatever other "stuff" I need after my baby shower on May 2nd, I don't think I need much, maybe nursing pads/cream if no one gets me that....
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I forgot to add an important one......find a freaking baby name!!!
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Done so far:
Bought 2 boxes of diapers

Left to do:
Everything else

I think i'll just read over all your lists about 2 weeks before i'm due and ask dh to get to it. I have no drive lately!
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*sigh* I have not put together a list of things to do. Might be a good idea. So...

-Plant garden because even though I have a black thumb, I am determined to grow SOMETHING we can eat this year.
-Rip walls down, add outlets, and clear out dining/entry/laundry rooms for the drywallers to come this Thursday-Friday.
-After the drywalling is done, pick out paint and enlist help to paint.
-Take everything out of bathroom drawers/cupboard and organize it.
-Clean, clean, clean, and then clean some more.
-Work on going through boxes in garage and attic.
-Get dh to set up swing set so the kids don't drive me CRAZY this summer.
-Once rec department signup happens, make a index card book of who needs to go where on what days.
-Figure out what we're doing with dogs while in hospital/first couple weeks Baby is here.
-Freezer meals is a good idea.
-Get stuff together for, set a date for, and have yard sale.

-clean our closet so we can fit the pack n play and his/her "stuff" in there.
-Buy new pack n play and then set it up.
-Install car seat bases (I'm restraining myself. I really want to do this one)
-Find, sort, wash, figure out where they're going to go, and put baby clothes away.
-Buy new exercise ball. Kids popped mine and with Cadence I loved bouncing on it at home before I'd progressed enough to go in to the hospital.
-Get out and sterilize all breast pump stuff.
-Figure out what we're going to do with kids while we're in the hospital.
-Pack hospital bag (also restraining on this one )
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Well, I actually bought the car seat today! It was on sale so I had no choice...

I am actually going to install it soon.

What's left?

-buying cloth diapers (I am not crafty like some other people here...) I have at least decided where I will get them from.

-picking up hand-me-downs from friend

-getting my new dishwasher to work (this is really driving me crazy)

-buying a bouncy seat to put down the baby

-deciding wether or not a pack-and-play could be useful and purchasing one if necessary

-Getting a baby monitor (I cannot hear what goes on upstairs from the basement)

-organize DD's room and sort through her toys to avoid future clutter

-clean my house (that's a big one I guess)

-get the things I need for the birth (not much really)

-arrange for someone to pick up DD from school if I go into labour while she is not home and

And, if I suddenly have extra money and time;

-buy a new mattress

-re-paint DD's room

-plant some herbs

I am hoping to have everything ready by the time I hit 36 weeks (33 today). I will be working until 39 weeks so I'd rather be running around getting ready now while I still have some energy left.
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- Go thru attic and assess needs
- put night stand in attic, set up co-sleeper in it's place
- call friend re car seat(s)
- post to friends and / or freecycle for any needed baby cloths / items
- buy washing soap for diapers and bb cloths
- set up changing station and clothing storage system on window seat
- bring up diaper bin / pul laundry bags from basement
- organize / clean our bedroom
- organize / clean Tobias' bedroom, winter / summer clothing swap
- post on freecycle for cloths / shoes for Tobias
- clean house then book cleaners for spring cleaning (@ 38wks??)
- talk to mother about coming to help after birth
- make list of friends to help with Tobias at/after birth and meals
- solidify placenta encapsulation plans with friend
- plant garden plot at church
- prep and plant garden in front of house
- book folks to help reseed or sod the back yard
- wash carriers and wraps
- roll up bedroom rug
- find or buy large vinyl table cloth with soft underside for underneath tub
- buy faucet attachments and hose for birthtub, set up tub and do a dry run
- gather birthkit supplies from midwifery supply closet and order any other needed supplies
- solidify birthday cake frosting recipe, buy snacks, freeze soup and casserole, and pina colada fixin's for birth
- think of really really good gifts for my midwife friends for helping us

Oy vey, I'd better get my bottom in gear!!!
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Oh, I'm a list maker so this makes me really happy. I still have to:
1. order birth kit
2. order pool and hoses
3. strip and sun nb diapers
4. wash nb clothes and towels/blankets for birth
5. freeze food for birth team
6. decide what to make in labor, cake?
7. make batches of popsicles and smoothies for labor
8. trip to IKEA for DS's Big Brother present (train set!)
9. install carseats
10. figure out where to put pack n play and downstairs diapers and set up cosleeper in our bedroom
11. Spring Clean and purge DS's toys
12. DH needs to finish fencing our backyard before I reach the point in pregnancy that DS is faster than I am

I think that's pretty much everything.
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I'm so glad to be almost there! Yes, I have a lot to do, but am rapidly becoming sick of being huge and uncomfortable.

To do:

1) Build storage unit efficiency shelves--hubby is working on these as we speak. We should be able to get way more "bang for the buck" out of the little storage area in our apartment.

2) Finish buying newborn CD supplies, plus perhaps some infant sizes. Am going to the CD store on Tuesday after my doctor's appointment.

3) Wash baby clothes and blankets--working on this now. I couldn't resist and bought a fair amount of baby clothes (3 month size, I think I've got a big one cooking) which I am washing this evening. Will put them in underbed storage containers until.....

4) Buy second-hand, waist level bureau for baby

5) Set up baby room, moving our bed to the den, rearranging apartment furniture and such. This includes downsizing hubby's fish tank and getting rid of that too, so is still a big job. One that *he* is in charge of.

6) Buy a fishtank stand for smaller tank, a new standing mirror and a few other household things.

7) Process all the baby shower stuff....wash, put away, install car seat, put together swing etc.

8) Shower thank you notes

9) At least a couple of freezer meals

10) Keep working on cleaning the apartment and getting things ready.
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Hah! I was making dinner tonight, sorta made up a tortilla casserole from what I had around, and realized I had enough to make two. "Great!" I thought, "I can put the other in the freezer for June and say I made progress today on my to-do list." So made another, then I went out to the garage to arrange space for it, and when I came back in a few minutes later, I found the dog scurrying out of the kitchen. Um. This was a bad sign b/c normally he greets me at the door. Oops, I had left the second casserole at the edge of the counter, and he had taken half of the top layer off with his tongue. I couldn't believe it! No dinner for him tonight!

I didn't know what else to do, so I replaced the missing ingredients, smoothed it over, and stuck it in the freezer. Am I terrible? We'll bake it before eating, ofc. I just couldn't throw all that food away.
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Here is my list!

Baby To Do List

•Re-organize dresser to fit baby’s clothes
•Buy changing pad
•Buy newborn diapers and wipes
•Buy Ana and Baby Big/Little T-shirts
•Sterilize/Replace Pump Parts
•Pick out a few bottles/replace nipples
•Check on borrowing a co-sleeper
•Install carseat base in van
•Pack hospital bag
•Wash baby clothes
•Buy shelf for Ana’s room
•Clean out things Ana doesn’t need in her room

Sewing To-Do List

Finish Friend's New Baby's Blanket/Bib/Burpcloth
Prayer Blankets for church
Baptismal bibs for church
Hooded Baby Towel
Decorate Burp Cloths
Gratitude Wrap for Ana's former teacher
Anna Marie Horner Baby Blanket
Jersey Receiving Blankets
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Hmmm... My list is longer than I thought it was.

Pick out two names - one for a boy, one for a girl
Set up Bassinet
Organize birth supplies
Re-make bed with waterproof liner, extra sheets
Winter to summer clothes switcheroo
Move DS3's clothes into a (new?) dresser in his room
Sort baby clothes, put neutrals in the baby dresser
Organize deep freeze
Make Freezer meals
Clean car
Install car seat base, set up carseat
Collect cloth diapers from a friend who borrowed my NB sizes
Decide if I want to sew a few extra
Wash carriers and wraps
gifts for midwives
snacks and drinks for birth, after
Garage sale
Dig up old birth plan, rework for this go-around
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