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Bananabee, thats hysterical! My dog would do the same thing! Good job on saving the casserole! LOL!
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I've been doing things throughout, so I don't have much left, fortunately. I only have about 6 weeks left to go!

- Buy a couple last homebirth supplies (witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, electrolyte-balancing drinks)
- Rearrange bedroom a bit (crib is already set up, with one side off to be sidecarred, so just need to move the nightstand to the other side and push everything together)
- Buy cloth diapers
- Buy more pads for me
- More cooking/baking/freezing
- Solidify plans for who does what during labor/birth
- Maybe buy another nursing tank or two (I'm trying to buy one each in a couple of styles, since I usually live in tanks during the summer and want to figure out which are best for me)

Meanwhile, I'll try to get some extra cleaning/organizing done. And I want to wrap up a number of things at work so that I'm more prepared for the time off.
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Oh, wow...I think I better get busy! (Are you sure you all are due the same month as me??? June...right???) ;-)

Here are some things I can think of right now...
Clean out dresser in closet to make room for baby clothes (hoping to do this with mom and friend next weekend while they are in town for shower)
Reorganize our closet to make room for baby clothes/stuff
Clear boxes out of our room to make room for cradle/swing, organizers
Put together swing from garage, find rechargeable batteries for it
Wait 'til after shower to figure out what we still need
Shower thank you's
Sterilize breast pump parts
Go through all of the baby clothes people have handed down to us and put the smallest ones in the cleaned-out dresser
Figure out who we're going to call to watch DS when it's time to go
Install car seat bases in car/truck--move DS' seat to one side of the vehicles...not sure how this will go over with him
Make final action plan with mom (she'll be flying from Iowa once I'm in labor)
Figure out who will feed our dogs/cat
Clear place in livingroom for pack 'n' play/setup pack 'n' play

I'm sure there are about a million other things to do. One thing I learned with DS, who was born almost two weeks before his due date, was that there aren't actually that many things that HAVE to be done ahead of time. There are lots of things that can make life easier, of course, but there were things we were planning to do (organize nursery--DS didn't sleep in it 'til almost 1yo, pick a middle name--did it at hospital,etc.) in those last couple weeks, and they just didn't happen. If they were important, they got done when they needed to be done; if they weren't that important, they maybe never got done. If you are birthing at the hospital, you must have a car seat, and some baby clothes for taking baby home. Other than that, you'll do it when you need to/can. :-)
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Ha, this is where i realise how disorganised i am....

I still need to:
-Get moses basket from a friend (her DS is still using it!)
-Figure out what to do about the moses mattress (i am thinking a folded towel will do the job fine)
-Get my dad to come back with the cot side (which he is mending) and assemble the cot
-Wash cot sheets and blankets and make up cot
-Put car seat in car
-Buy storage boxes for baby's clothes and nappies and organise them all
-Knit baby jacket which i bought the wool and buttons for ages ago (not going to do newborn size anyway as i'd rather it can be worn for a few months rather than weeks)
-Wash various new baby clothes i've bought or been given (already done my own and the hand-me-downs from friends)

Still to buy:
couple of soft/baby towels
baby bath/changing supplies (from Weleda website)
flats and wraps for a 7kg+ baby (already got the smaller sizes)
new nursing bra's (waiting until i'm nursing)

Still to "do" but not for me or my baby:
Sew nice receiving blankets for 2 pregnant friends and a ring sling for a 3rd.

This is bound to grow if i think about it - i don't think anything except either the moses or the cot is critical, i want it to have SOMEWHERE to sleep other than my bed, but everything else i can probably work out when it gets here. We also need to find a name for a boy....
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I love lists!

Clean out baby's room (its currently my closet and the junk room)
Re-store my clothes somewhere
Paint baby's room
Order bedding set
Order crib
Have baby shower! (May 8th)
Buy remaining baby stuff - Moby and more CDs.
Have garage sale (thanks for the reminder... someone else had this on their list)
Paint family room and dining room
MUST Install new carpet in family room (its so disgusting)
(We'll have the extended IL family here in July to meet baby Caleb, and that just has to be done before!)
Set up new office space for me in quieter room (I'll be working at home post-baby)
Wash baby clothes
Prep and wash CDs
Pack hospital bags!

10 weeks left! I think we are okay. However, we probably won't start any of it until May. (Although I'm sure there's more to my list I'm forgetting...)
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OMG! The name! I forgot we don't have a name yet!

(Well, not exactly true - we *might* have the name but not totally decided yet. And I've got to make sure DH agrees with the middle name which is a really odd-sounding family name that I want to use.)

Oh, and nursing tanks, monitor and my birth plan!

Thanks guys!
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