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Gluten-Free - Vegan, or No?

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I hope no one minds my asking this here, but I want the opinion of some of you gluten-free moms. I will soon be selling gluten-free pancake/waffle mixes and I'm still nailing down the perfect recipe. I found one this morning, but I did use eggs and milk in it.

Are most gluten-free eaters also vegans, or are you okay with eggs and/or dairy? How about one but not the other? Would you be put off from buying a gluten-free pancake mix because it called for eggs or had dairy in it?

Thanks in advance!

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Many gluten intollerant/celiacs etc are also dairy/casein intollerant, so dairy shouldn't be the only way to make the pancakes. I would suggest trying them out with coconut milk, or almond milk, and coconut oil instead of butter just so you can put that variation on the packaging.

As for eggs, eggs are pretty important when it comes to gluten free baking, and I personally have had a super hard time doing anything without them for my vegan SIL when I bake for her. I think eggs are pretty standard in any gf baking.

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We're gluten and dairy free. If a recipe calls for me to add dairy, it's usually pretty easy for me to sub something else, but if it had dried milk powder or some other form of dairy already mixed in, we'd skip it. I'm glad we are not intolerant of eggs, they make cooking and baking a lot easier and I consider them very healthy, so we eat them quite often.
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Okay, so I suppose the eggs are fine and I'll just have the recipe on the package call for milk or a milk substitute. And I'll leave out the whey I was thinking of adding in.

Thank you so much!
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Yep, what they said! Eggs are fine for me, but can't do dairy.
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We are GF, EF, and DF. I can sub eggs and dairy in a recipe, but to be honest if I see a mix that says to add diary and eggs, I usually wont buy it. I feel like it wont turn out right if it is made for eggs and milk.
And I avoid most GF mixes since they have soy flour and corn (xanthum gum) and we are very allergic to those. But maybe that is just me?
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I was assuming no soy, soy flour is just so odd. There are so many other flours that are less allergenic, using it just baffles me.
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Oh yeah, there's definitely no soy flour. I like tofu and I don't mind cooking with soymilk occasionally, but I don't want to go crazy with soy either and if it can be avoided then I avoid it.

Thanks for the input, and bluebird, this mix really is just as good with nondairy milk and a banana (I like it with almond milk). I'll be sure to put that on the package.

Thanks again!
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Just my 2 cents....

DD is GF, DF, Egg Free, and nut free. This is actually life threating for her.

I'm very careful what I do buy for her, I try to buy Kosher as much as possible, as they monitor ingredients.

She tried to be vegan, but gave up. So yah to those who can do it.
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We are GF CF too, I use coconut milk in our pancake recipe.
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