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I don't think I ever had it like this with my other pregnancies, but it's not even just lack of sleep type tiredness.. I literally feel like all my limbs are heavy and I have no motivation to do anything. It's horrible especially when I have 2 kids to look after. I feel fine in the morning but this hits mid afternoon and lasts for the rest of the day

Just curious if anyone else feels this way.
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I was like that with #3, it was awful. One minute I was fine the next so exhausted I could hardly move. It did get better by the second tri.
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I do feel that way sometimes.. usually a few days since I have taken my B vitamins.. I also wonder if Iron is a factor.. I ate some red meat and felt really great for a few days, but its been a while again and im beginning to drag..The more i'm in the fresh air the better, but no matter what I do, i'm exhausted by about 6pm.. its hard work growing a baby!
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I'm with ya mama ~ I do not remember feeling like this in any of my pregnancies either. I'm sick and I feel so run down and can't function. This weekend is really taking a toll since the hubby is gone for drill.

Praying for the 2nd trimester to come fast!
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Me too. I got up this morning, made some oatmeal, ate and fed the kids and laid back in bed. It has taken me another two hours to get up and take a shower! Glad it's Sunday.
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This one (#3) has been the hardest with this by far, but then again I've never been pregnant while looking after 2 kids and have never been pregnant at this age before.

I'm 9-ish weeks right now and I have noticed that this is getting better. I have done a lick of housework in weeks (and the place looks like it) but today have actually felt the motivation to get it all cleaned up again. I'm tired and taking a break for a bit, but overall it has been much better.
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I am with you. Although I find if I actually get a solid 9 hours of sleep at night (which is damn near impossible), I am actually OK during the day. Any less than 9 hours, I'm exhausted and cranky. And if I only get 7 hours, I HAVE to take a nap in the afternoon. I was definitely tired with my first, but nothing like this. But I'm running after a one year old all day and still nursing, so I don't blame my body for needing extra sleep! I just wish there was enough hours in the day for me to sleep more.

I have also stopped using my son's naps to get stuff done. If I'm not napping with him, I'm sitting on the computer relaxing, watching a movie, or reading a book. That down time definitely helps me get through the day.
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So far 2 out of 2 of my pregnancies I've felt like that too. I'm just bone tired. It's for sure harder to deal with this time with a toddler to care for. A lot of days I don't feel like a very good mom. This too shall pass, right?
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So there with you. This is how my mom always felt when pregnant, so I figure it's normal. It SUCKS, but it's normal. I try everything, eating lots of spinach, I take my vitamins, etc etc, but all I want to do/can do is nap all freaking day. And work days are hard; I have prep period from lunch til almost 2, and I really want to nap then! I need to take a pillow to work today, seriously. I don't remember being quite this tired last time, but then, I was childless and fancy free! I could rest and nap whenever I felt like it, and I hadn't just spent 3.5 years not sleeping!
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I hear you - I. am. so. tired. Dh jokingly (I think he's joking) says he thinks we're having twins, that's how tired I am. I am SURE there's only one in there, at least there'd better be...
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I feel so much better reading everyones post here, I can barley keep my eyes open and I just need sleep all day and all nite. I nap and I am not refreshed. I was a lil tired with my DD but this is so bad, I am so neglecting my DH our house and my dog. Barely the energy to get going for my 21 mth old.
I am only 8 week and counting the days to my 2nd trimester.
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Ohhh, I am so with you. I'm laying down right this second, browsing from my phone-I don't even have the energy to sit in front of the computer. I feel is though my legs, arms and eyelids are made of cast iron. I cannot function. This is my fourth pregnancy and I have never felt this way with the other three. I am 11w2d and the feeling has not subsided.
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I feel like this too! Yesterday I slept in until 8, napped from 10:30-12 and then went to bed at 9. I felt like I was hardly awake! Thank goodness it was Sunday so my husband took care of the kiddo. I have a hard time at work too and just stare at the computer being unproductive for long stretches because anything else seems like too much effort. I really hope this passes because I really want to be able to do stuff and not just sleep/space out!!
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