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Wen Tips or Alternatives?

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I've been using more natural products on my hair for about six weeks now. I've tried Nature's Gate, Organix, Jessicurl (which I've been using on dd for a little over a year) and 365. I used to "no-poo" with mostly inexpensive conditioners--something I don't want to use now obviously since I don't want the "bad" ingredients.

I am not opposed to no-poo and find that the Nature's Gate and 365 shampoos seem really drying....my mom tried and raves about Wen so I figured I'd give it a shot. I really love how it makes my hair feel/look and how the frizzy ends are virtually non-existent now. My hair is fine and has become thin (Vit. D deficiency) and I keep it at my shoulders with long layers. Since I bleach part of it (partial highlights pretty heavy) and also use a large-barreled curling iron or straightening iron several times a week, it's prone to being dry and frizzy.

So my only "problem" with Wen is that my hair looks incredibly greasy within about 16 hours of using it. This isn't too much of an issue if I use it in the AM but I really prefer most days to wash at night so I can straighten it the next day without having to blow it dry first. With Wen it's so oily by the next morning when I go to straighten it that it doesn't look clean at all. Well, actually, it looks shiny and bright but is separating in a greasy way...so looks mostly like I am using too much condition and/or product.

Any ideas?
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I'm anxious to try Wen myself. I'm one of those people who struggles with not shampooing bc of the oily factor. Have you tried rubbing some baby powder into it? That's what my stylist is always harping on me to do. Shampoo less, powder in between days.
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I've never had success with baby powder...maybe I don't use it right but it's obvious that it's there....makes my hair look dull if that makes sense.

I did make some progress with Wen though. I started massaging my scalp while rinsing and rinsing it out more completely. I've been in the habit of trying to leave a lot of conditioner behind because my hair feels dry if I don't, but with Wen, that's not necessary. I put a tiny dab back in as leave in (like, less than a pea-sized amount) but the original amount must be rinsed out cause it's taking oil/dirt with it. I made it through long days at a theme park without my hair looking greasy. Really loving the Wen now!
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Shellie, do you think Wen is a good value for the price? I keep eyeing it on QVC, but have been waffling on the $$ (I usually use Biolage and Aveda, so I'm not a .99 Suave user, LOL, but Wen is more per month than I currently spend)

TIA for any thoughts
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I think it totally is worth it. I know it's super-pricey per ounce but my hair is like someone else's hair now--in a good way!! It's smooth and silky and the color looks wonderful. I've been using it the past week on my 5yo who has curly hair...JessieCurl works pretty well for her but her hair is amazing with Wen.

I'm fantasizing about getting the gallon bottle from Amazon. I went with the auto-delivery kit from Wen...I wanted the comb and the deep conditioner plus styling cream and balm. I like all the products though the comb is a little sharp.

I've discovered a way to use less than they recommend while still getting my whole scalp well-coated. I was noticing when I used even close to the # of pumps recommended, I was combing globs of it out which was then wasted product. I can do my scalp in about 12 pumps and have enough to coat all my hair and ends. My hair barely hits my shoulders though. Still better than the 28+ pumps they recommend! I just scrub my scalp with it, comb it through, clip my hair up and then let it sit while I wash/shave. Then I rinse it out well and am good to go. I love the scent of the sweet almond mint too!
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okay, you've convinced me i recently cut my hair to just shoulder length (it was past my waist before) and is in long layers.

just to make sure i'm clear- you wet your hair, put about 12 pumps in, massage scalp really well, comb product through to the ends, clip up, finish shower, rinse completely out, and then put a tiny bit back into damp hair?

do you like the styling creme? my hair is fine and very very very straight- i usually use mousse and blow dry and then curl w/large barrel iron every day (or it is stick straight and just hangs). i wonder if the styling creme would just weigh it down? my hair hates to curl.

have you compared prices between wen, amazon, and qvc?
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Yes, that's the procedure I use. Just 12 pumps....4 on top, 3 on each side and two at the underneath, above the nape of my neck. I have to apply some directly to each of those areas, then add a splash of water and start massaging/spreading. It doesn't spread as well as shampoo which is why I think it's important to add some directly to each of those major areas.

I do like the styling cream. I need much less than they recommend...the first couple times I used it I felt like I got greasy too fast but using a pea-sized amount works well for me...same goes for the styling balm (which I use to make my side-swept bangs a little " piece-y" LOL) and I these *much* better than the Tigi products (also quite expensive) I was using.

I really thought getting it straight from Wen was the best deal...I think QVC's pricing is comparable though. Amazon or QVC are good if you just want one component (I won't need to replenish the cream/blam/deep treatment as often as the daily...especially since I'm using the daily on dd now). I did want the entire kit to start though because I knew I'd use the cream, balm, comb and deep conditioner (which I also love!).
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just thought i would chime in here
i love Wen, too and recently found a cheaper version at Sally Beauty supply
called Hair One after discounts i spent about $8.50 a bottle and have been using it for a week
so far i love it as much as Wen
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Isn't Wen just conditioner? If you google Wen and conditioner only method, you'll get lots of info.

People have been using the conditioner only method for hair washing for ages. Wen is based on that.
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It's a lot different than regular conditioner. I've tried "no-poo" for years with conventional conditioners with mixed results. Wen is the first one I've been able to do consistently with great results. Though I want to look into that cheaper alternative mentioned.

I was thinking though that I spend $8-$12 per bottle of natural shampoo and conditioner and I was buying those a few times a month. The Wen really doesn't cost much more considering that. I also was getting deep conditioning treatments at the salon and those were $10-$20 a time and I don't feel like I need them at this point.
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I've read so many good things about the Sally version, Hair One that I had to try it before ordering Wen. It's really different from anything I've ever tried (even regular no-poo conditioner method) and my hair looked and felt incredible. I did notice that it got greasy faster than usual, but I do wash my hair daily when it's warm here, so that's not super out of the ordinary. Definately felt different than using regular old conditioner. Curious to see how it compares to Wen now.
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Would love to try Wen or the Sally one, but they both have wheat in them and I am sensitive to wheat. Does anyone know of something similar that doesn't have wheat?
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Which is more natural WEN or Sally's?
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ooh, I was just about to give up on wen for the same reasons you listed, OP! I think I will give it another shot, massaging during rinsing as you suggested.
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FYI - I added Jojoba & Coconut oil to my shampoo and I saw a huge difference in the texture of my hair. I also went from shampooing daily to 3x a week!
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So, I've been doing no-poo for about 2 months now.  My hair has already transitioned, and I only have to wash it about 2 times a week now.  However, it used to be oily.  I was an every other day washer camouflaging by pulling my hair back into a bun.  Now, my hair is dry feeling and lifeless.  I love that no-poo is cheap.  I love that it is chemical free, but my hair doesn't look great.  I'm thinking of trying Wen, and then using baking soda as I have been every 2 or 3 washes maybe??? 

Originally Posted by mkmoro311 View Post

Which is more natural WEN or Sally's?

What bothers me is that neither product is natural to my satisfaction.  Wen is more so than Hair One.  If you check the ingredients on Skin Deep, many come up as between a 3-6 which is moderately harmful.  I'd buy Wen today if I thought it wasn't bad for me (I'm trying to be completely chemical free as I'm dealing with hormonal issues).  I'm debating on trying to make my own version.


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