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Positioning an infant in the Ergo

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DD is almost 3 mos. and is basically out of the Moby. She's not so hot on the ring sling so she has to be in the right mood for it. I've been putting her in the Ergo with the infant insert which is fine but I'm not sure how I should be positioning her. I have her in the regular hold, both legs to either side and she seems okay - she doesn't fight it or act uncomfortable but I feel like that is making her legs spread way to far and could be hurting her hips. She is too heavy for the position they suggest on the website (slanted with both feet to one side) as she is almost 14 lbs. and 25 inches. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing it wrong or maybe find a different way of putting her in there until she gets a little bigger.

Thank you!
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She should be in a frogged position with her spine in a C curve.

I'd try the ring sling again and try making different adjustments, like tightening each rail in the direction of the fabric, making a snug fit. I find it's easier to get a more comfortable positioning with a ring sling compared to a ERGO at that age. This is b/c her legs can come out the bottom a bit in the chest-to-chest position, making positioning a little easier. Also, try rolling a washcloth or some fabric on the top rail to create a little bumper/headrest. I find it really helps with the fit sometimes.

I think the ERGO really shines with older children and without the insert. It just makes more things to adjust and maneuver.
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My little one liked to be upright with her legs tucked under her, froggy style. We did that from day one until she was able to stick her legs out, which was about seven or eight months, as she is quite small. You're right about it not being a good idea to splay the legs out to either side just yet. We never used the infant insert either, but would tuck a fleece blanket around her before putting her in there if it was cold (and it often was!).

ps. My DD hated the moby-style wrap from about one month. We did use the ring sling until she was about ten months, but mostly the ergo.
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I couldn't get comfortable with her legs in the froggy position in the Ergo. I must be doing something wrong? DD is on the bigger side - she is 13.5 lbs. and 24 inches already. I tried her in the Maya today forward facing thinking she'd like it better but as soon as I tightened the fabric with her legs crossed and up against her she wouldn't calm down. Ugh. Time to play around with them when she's in a good mood
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