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This poor family!

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Wow. Just wow.
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This kinda stuff is just sad. Is there really a need for this? I understand if the dairy is operating uncleanly or in a way that endangers the milk but to just do this is annoying.
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Isn't there more important things to be spending the $$$ and manpower on? Let people have their raw milk!!!
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How absolutley ridiculous is this!! SOOOO glad I can have RAW milk in NY! YUMMY!
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I know!!! It really fires you up! I wish there's was more we could do
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Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post
This poor family!

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According to Weston A Price Foundation facebook page, Max won in court today!! They will post more details as soon as they get them.
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Bri'sgirl, I was just coming here to post that! Great news.
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I was going to post that too!

I found out through the Family Farms Co-op people and he said that the judge said he wasn't going to mess with the constitution and he threw it out.

Strong language!
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Awesome !! Glad they stood up to them, and won!!!
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That's great!!! Woo Hoo!
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Wow- we used to get raw milk from this man when we lived in Chicago!
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