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How was your 2nd trimester weight gain?

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Where did everyone end up for their 2nd trimester weight gain?

I'll go first...

I'm up a total of 26 pounds this pregnancy and today is the first day of week 28.

Jeez! 4 of those pounds were in the 1st trimester. I can't believe I put on 22 pounds in 3 months.

I was initially only planning on gaining 25 pounds the whole pregnancy. But I guess my body had other plans for me. Hopefully I won't put on too much more in the next 3 months. Yeah right!
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im up 29 lbs as of 28 weeks....and my mw said i should count on putting on another 10. yikes!
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I lost 10 my first trimester and have gained all that back plus about 2lbs. So total for 2nd trimester I am not sure but overall weight gain for this pregnancy is +2lbs.
I was a bit overweight to begin with so there is no worry here. I would love to gain at least a lb a week from here on out (28wks). The standard amount they say you gain your 3rd trimester is about 11ishlbs with the baby gaining about 5lbs of that!
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I am up 20 pounds and only 2 of those were in the first tri. I am at the same weight I was at the same point in my last pregnancy, but I lost 15 pounds and gained that back plus 6 more last time. This time I didn't lose any weight. I feel better and look better than I did last time so I was surprised to be at the same weight because I started off lighter this time. My body must have some sort of pregnancy setpoint.
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I have gained 7 lbs in the 2nd trimester and lost 10 in the 1st trimester.. so that puts me 3 lbs from my prepregnacy weight. I am sure I will pack on a few this month too but I am hoping to keep that number low. I was really hoping not to gain any in my second trimester but clearly that is not on the agenda.
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First tri I lost 4 pounds. Now I'm up 22 pounds!! I kinda expected the gain to be more spread out. I think I'll be up to a gain of 30 pounds when the baby is born
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I have gained 20 total and I'm 28 weeks. I think 7lbs of it was in the first trimester. I am thrilled with this number because with my son I was up 40lbs by 24 weeks and gained 60lbs total! I am hoping to keep my total gain around 30lbs but even if it's 35lbs I'll be ok with that too.
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The only weight I gained in my 2nd trimester made up for the loss I had in the first tri. So I'm back to my pre-preg weight, or thereabouts. Seems to depend on the day and time that I weight myself but it's always within 3 lbs of my pre-preg weight, or right on the dot.
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I'm up 9 pounds so far this pregnancy. I'm pretty fluffy, so I didn't really need to gain anything though.
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Evjolin- I'm with you. I've gained around 30 pounds this pregnancy. I did start at a lower prepregnancy weight this time, so I'm actually about the same weight as I was with my daughter the first time. I try to remind myself that I'd rather deal with the problems of a baby that is "too big" than one that is too small.
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I'm up 21.5lbs at 28 weeks. I'm actually a bit surprised as I'm on the fluffy side and have been eating fairly well/frequently. My first pregnancy I gained between 25-28lbs total and had a tiny baby, so I told myself I'd be willing to gain a little more this time and have an average sized one... I just didn't think it'd actually happen.
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I'm up 8 pounds at 25 weeks. First tri I lost a couple but quickly gained them back, and then stayed exactly at my pre-preg weight until maybe 17 or 18 weeks. Since then, it's been around a pound a week. I was a very healthy weight before pregnancy, so I'm expecting a normal weight gain, and am only slightly behind the textbooks, so I feel pretty good. Plus, at least after the first tri, I've been eating pretty well. My midwife told me: "I don't care how much weight you gain -- I care what you eat." So I keep that in mind.
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First trimester I had lost some weight and by 22 weeks had gained a total 7 lbs. Last week I had my appt (at 26 weeks) and gained 8 lbs in the 4 weeks since my last appt! Yikes! lol So only 15 lbs altogether which is not bad at all considering my other weight gains. I'd love to stay around 30 or less just bc I weighed a bit more than I should when I got pregnant this time. We'll see! My other pregnancies I've gained about 60, 50, 45, & 35. Funny thing is my babies got bigger as my weight gain went down. Wonder if it will happen this time!
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I'm up 11 lbs at 29 weeks.
Last pg I gained 20lbs overall but I was 60lbs heavier pre-pregnancy than this time round. I lost that weight largely by breastfeeding (I assume) so I'm hoping to follow that pattern again!!
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Hmm, I was going to say I had a modest weight gain in the second trimester compared to the first, where I gained 9 kg (19 lbs). I must say, however, that I gained 5 kg (11 lbs). Since starting the third trimester I've put on about 2 kg (4 lbs), but my weight keeps wavering up and down at 82 kg (180 lbs). I almost don't want to know what my end weight will be.
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I've gained about 16lbs over all. I gained about 30lbs total with DS but don't know when I gained cause the MW scale was in KG and our home scale was in Stones so I was totally confused.
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I've gained 20-22 lbs overall (depends on the daily bloat factor) and all but 4 of that was in the second tri. I'm only 25 weeks along, so that number will grow quite a bit. ugh.
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I've gained 25 pounds. But that weight was at my last appointment 2 weeks ago when I was 27 weeks pregnant. I will know next week where I am at at 31 weeks.
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I'm ending the 2nd tri with 14 lbs. I started out almost "underweight" and gained nothing the first 12 weeks due to nausea and food aversion....
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I lost 11 pounds in my first trimester and have gained back 8 I think, 6 in one month, so I am still down 3 pounds per my last appt, but I got on my own scale and it looks like I am over my pre pregnancy weight by 1 pound. I am hoping to keep it under 30 lbs, but I don't think the bag of mini snickers is helping :-), ha ha.
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