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Do I really need to wait til 12 months to introduce tofu? It seems like such a great baby food. No one in my entire family is allergic to anything at all. Aren't fermented foods supposed to be easy to digest too? Is it really necessary to wait all that time?
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No. I never 'waited' on anything - DS1 had everything we did from the time he started solids ~7.5 months. DS2 is well on his way to the same at 8+ months.
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A- most tofu is not fermented.
B- soy is not a food that personally I would be introducing as a first food - or really at all.
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I think my daughter started eating tofu at 8 months or so.
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we try to avoid soy as well.
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Many people find soy very hard to digest. DS1 tried it when he was well over 1 and he howled for hours with stomach pain. He is highly intolerant to it. DH will also complain of stomach pain if he eats it. I, however, could eat my weight in tofu and be fine. If you do introduce it, try looking for the non-GMO, organic stuff.
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DS started picking at tofu and tempeh at around 9 months old.
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Ds was about 8 months when he had tofu, dd was even younger..she stole it from him

Again go organic, non GMO
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My 11-month-old has been eating tofu for a couple of weeks now and loves it!
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I never heard of waiting that long to introduce tofu.  Why?  because of the hormones or because of the texture and swallow reflex?  I mean you can just make scrambled tofu and it'll be a safer texture if you don't feed to much at once.

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