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I think we are just about done. I've got nothing but colostrum, and nursing has been hurting more and more.

DD is 32 months and was only nursing at night; she very rarely asks to nurse during the day. In the last couple of weeks, she has, on her own, stopped nursing back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. That was it for me; I'd been holding off weaning because I thought it meant she'd be up screaming in the middle of the night, and didn't want to do that to her or to me.

Now she'll wake, but I'll just pat her and she usually rolls over and goes back to sleep. Last night she did ask for "bobos", but I told her they were sleeping and she went back to sleep without crying. The last time she nursed was sometime this weekend; we'll see if this is it! I think my feeling at the moment is that if she starts to cry for the bobos, I won't refuse her. But if I can refuse her without causing her distress, we'll keep on this path.
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How is everyone doing? DD has really slowed down and we are down to 3 nursings most days... 2 on a light day and 4-5 on a very heavy day. I think my milk is still completely gone, but most of the time she doesnt seem to mind.

It has been pretty painful, but I want to stick with it.
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I'm still here nursing two. Toad (currently 3y9m) nurses between zero and two times a day, and not for very long when he does nurse. He'd definitely nurse more if I'd let him though. Once Newt is born and it doesn't feel so icky for me I'm sure he'll nurse more.

Frog (currently 1y4m) nurses probably four to six times in a 24 hour period depending on the day. He nurses full sessions still and I'm really wishing he'd had his tongue tie clipped when he was new because it is really painful for me now to have his latch be poor.

I've officially switched to colostrum. I can express it and the boys are both loving the taste of it I can't believe I will be nursing three in threeish months
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Still nursing here. I don't know if I've switched to colostrum. DD broke her leg (toddler's fracture) a few days ago and has been wanting to nurse more since, but I'm still trying to keep it down to 3x/day... which means we're doing 4-5x/day the past few days, mostly still full nursing sessions, or as long as it takes her to get to sleep, which means 10 minutes (very rarely) to 40 minutes. However, I'm starting to get that no-milk-left sore earlier and earlier in the proceedings, and latch-on hurts more again.

I'm feeling less determined about my desire to wean her before this baby comes out. I still want to, but the path of least resistance is looking quite attractive, too.
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Still going here with DS who is now almost 30 months; I'm currently almost 26 weeks. We are stable at morning, night, and nap nursings (nap only on weekends). Have been dry since about 14 weeks, and while I'm sure he'd prefer to get something, he's okay with it. I think there is colostrum in on one side and not the other, because he's telling me there's milk in there and will swallow about 4-5 times while nursing that side, though only sometimes.

Thank goodness the pain is mostly gone, and it's not uncomfortable most of the time. After an extended session, i just have to cut him off, and he's okay with that now, thank goodness. Night sleeping is much better since we implemented night weaning (except one feeding) in Jan and then March (complete). He wakes only once, and drinks a cup of milk, which he actually declined last night (hope this is the last step to STTN!). We've been hanging around with a friend who has baby & toddler, and he's fine with me holding baby a lot (I make a point of it), which is great!

Kudos to all of us who (want to and) have been able to push through this! It's not for everyone, but it does work for some!
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DD is also almost 30 months old. She always nurses mornings, usually after naps (unless I am not home or she skips her nap), and almost always before bed (unless I am out which is pretty unusual). Despite night-weaning her back in October she is still waking up most nights.

I accidentally squirted some milk yesterday. It was pretty clear compared to what I remember, so maybe I've switched to colostrum, too. DD says my milk tastes the same but then she says a lot of things.

I'm having a lot of pain at the beginning of each session but it does decrease as the session goes on. Sometimes it feels worse than other times. Nursing feels like the only time I get to sit down and/or lie down, though, so I'm not just doing it for DD's emotional comfort. Most of the time the physical comfort of extra rest for me outweighs the physical discomfort of the nipple pain!
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DS (2 in September) still nurses to bed and before nap time on the weekends when I'm home. I'm still in a lot of pain, but I think colustrum is coming in because all weekend he was pulling at my shirt wanting to nurse all day. I can't imagine the pain of doing full nursing sessions 3+ times a day like some of you mamas are doing... Wow!
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DD is weaned! She did cry once in the middle of the night a few days after I posted back in April, and I let her nurse, but it was so unbelievably painful that I had to ask her to stop after about 30 secs. Fortunately, she went right back to sleep, and hasn't asked since then. So, we're done!

She does still say hello to the "bobos", and often gives them hugs and pats in the morning, along with hugging her baby sister in my belly. I'm glad that she doesn't seem to have any angst about it all.
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