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Yet another HBP/bed rest post.....

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I had my 37wk appointment Thursday night and my blood pressure was up..... 130/82 instead of my usual 120/70's. I had the same reading at my 36wk appointment too, but they also did bloodwork on me, which is a major stressor for me (I tend to pass out when I get b/w and IVs) so I was hoping that reading would be considered moot. I have had minor swelling in my feet and legs for a month or two now as well. I guess this was enough to concern the midwives because I'm on modified bedrest now- I can go to work, but have to do desk work (which is actually a relief because I typically do field visits all day) but have to stay left-side lying in bed at all times when I'm not at work. They have me eating at least one whole cucumber and drinking lemon water (at least 2 lemons squeezed into water to taste each day) and have upped my Calcium supplement intake to at least 2,000mg a day. I've been following the Brewer Diet and doing at least 100g of protein a day, which is so incredibly frustrating to still have this problem after choking down insane amounts of protein for what seems like nothing for the past eight months.

I go back on Thursday for my 38wk appointment for labs to monitor kidney and liver? function and to start a 24 hour urine collection.... and to talk about possibly transferring to a hospy birth instead of the center if my BP goes beyond textbook high. DH and I are so beyond frustrated after all the work we've done... I've been trying to find ways to help labor along without messing with my BP (like black/blue cohosh can.) So far nipple stimulation w/a breast pump and castor oil have done nothing. If there is even a bright side.... the castor oil really did nothing- I don't know if I have guts of steel but the castor oil didn't even really give me a stomach upset like I've heard is common
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Crap, Jen. I'm sorry to hear this and I hope things improve. Please keep us posted.
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Oh, Jen I am so sorry you are dealing with this after working so hard during your pregnancy to avoid this issue. Frustrating for sure. Let us know how your next appt goes. I'm praying you get the home birth you want and deserve.
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((hugs)) I hope all goes well at your next appt!
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Oh Jen!

I hope all these measures get your bp back down to a level everyone is comfy with!! good luck mama
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Yucko, Jen!

I'm in precisely the same boat! I've been on bedrest here for a week now, because when I'm up and about my pressure was rising to 140/100, but when I lie on my left side for a recheck it drops to 120/68.

The hospital cutoff for medicating a number (without other symptoms such as visual change, headache, abdominal pain, low platelets) is 160/110.

It's so frustrating, and the emotional response doesn't help.

I'm so sick of eggs, and chicken, and with the enforced rest my appetite has tanked.

I'm on the cucumbers and extra calcium and protein and water, too. And raw beets. And baths in epsom salts were recommended - the magnesium is beneficial. My amazonian frame doesn't really fit in my bathtub, though. I can sit in it in a pike stretch position, but the water just barely covers my thighs.

I've had the bloodwork last week, and drawn again today to make sure it all still looks good, or maybe improving with the stricter diet. No swelling, headache, visual changes, or abdominal pain... but we're not really sure how well I'll tolerate labor. I don't tolerate stairs too well. I'm hoping that the fact that we have a superdeep birthing pool (Aquadoula) will help. Immersion up to the neck in water is proven to significantly drop blood pressure in pregnant women, day after day with strong and persistent effect. So we've scrubbed out and set up our mothballed Softub and tonight I'll get to take my first soak - set to 88 degrees and I'll just loll around in there for 30 minutes to push all my blood more centrally so I can pee it out.

Try some extra hypnobabies - relaxation can have great effect on blood pressure, too!

I'm thinking of you - keep us posted. I'm so grouchy with this enforced rest. I'm nearly 39 weeks and have been nursing my toddler, demanding semen deposits from my husband (not at the same time), and hoping to get this done SOON.
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So sorry, Jen. Frustrating to avoid this situation and then to be in it. Sounds like you are taking great measures though. Hope the extra rest and care helps relieve you and even things out.
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That sucks Whit! I don't know what your limitations are, but I do know MoCo has pool hours if you're allowed out again soon. If I had a maternity bathing suit and could stick around Worcester in the evenings, I would totally be going myself....

My follow up appointment is tonight.... hopefully I will be back on tomorrow to post better news. We don't have a computer at home, so if the appointment goes badly and I'm put on complete bedrest then I'll be MIA until the bean comes and I can get out again.
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I'm hoping that your appointment went well tonight! Fingers are crossed!

My labs came back great, so I'm actually being slightly liberated to spend a little time walking or sitting in a supported squat to let gravity help things along. Soaking in our home "warmtub" has apparently worked well. I don't have a maternity suit, have been swimming in a pair of workout shorts and a maternity cami or tank top - if you have access to a pool don't let lack of a suit hold you back.

I hope you and your little bean are well!
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Blood pressure was the same again at last night's appointment..... It would have been nice for it to go down after everything we did this week in prevention, but I'm pretty happy that it didn't go up either They're still having me do the 24 hour urine collection this weekend... and they're having me do daily blood pressure readings at home, but bed rest orders will stay the same and so far I can still have my birth center birth.... We'll take this one day at a time until my labs all come back!
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I'm so glad to hear that your numbers haven't risen, and that you're still on track! I don't know about you, but I had a few nights where I practically couldn't sleep I was ruminating about this, and I'm sure my worry didn't help the numbers much. It's hard to be chill about this...

Mine is such a huge monster in here - well, spot-on for dates, but big strong visible movements, and that's reassuring to me. Now I just need to get labor going!

I hope your labs come back good!
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