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My name is Nina and I am currently living in Grenoble, France. I came here to pursue a Master's degree, met a boy, fell in love, got engaged and now we're having a baby! I never dreamed I would have a child outside the U.S. away from my friends and family but life is full of surprises. I have always known that when I had a child I wanted to do it naturally. I am finding it quite difficult to find resources on natural childbirth in France and would appreciate any information/support that anyone has.

Looking forward to meeting you all...
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Hello & welcome!
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Hi and welcome to MDC!

I'd suggest lookin in Finding Your Tribe

Congrats on your marriage and pregnancy!
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Hello and welcome to MDC!

I just know that you'd have to look for a "sage-femme" (but you knew that already, I assume). Depending on how good your French is: I know a French midwife personally who is about to return to France (from China) and who speaks and writes good English. If you're interested in the contact, please PM me.

As for resources about breastfeeding: there's La Leche League in France (www.lllfrance.org), and - according to the LLL homepage - there are English-speaking groups in Paris and in Montpellier. (The groups won't really help you then but you might be able to contact an English-speaking Leader.)
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Welcome to MDC!
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