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Baby Feets!

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This little one has grown this week! I can now make out her little feetsies on the right side of my belly. She's been pushing them there for a while but now it is very distinct. I can definitely feel more detail now. This is my most favorite thing ever!! I showed my hubby a couple nights ago and at first he was like "yeah, I know, I've felt her feets lots of times" But after I showed him he was like "Wow! Those are her feet!" Sooooooo cute! We are getting so excited!
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Haha I did the same thing last night! I had dh feel the little feet too! I love this stage.
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It's so wild when you can feel little body parts, isn't it??
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Today I'm mostly feeling baby feet up in my ribs, and it HURTS! I like it so much better when I can see them moving on the surface of my belly. I'm starting to feel sooo ready to evict her from my womb. 6-8 wks more...really?
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I think I have a foot under my right rib too. I'm not entirely sure though. But it feels like a foot. It's been wedged there most of the day, just twitches now and then.
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YAY! I loved that!

DD used to do that and we loved it! She used to push her foot out and DH would nudge it back - then she'd push back again - it was like they were playing! So cute!

Not feeling that (yet) with this little critter - he's much calmer ... I'm hoping that means he'll be calm once he's born - NOT that he's saving it all up!
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