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Knitting mamas?

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I'm a fairly inexperienced knitter, but I am so excited to knit for the baby! I've been looking at patterns and hopefully I'll get started on something soon. Anyone care to join me in knitting for our babes and showing off our work?
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Sure, share away! I already knit a pair of newborn longies
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me me!!!

I doubt I'll start early this time but I have yarn and patterns for sleep sacks and longies and hats! I'll probably start after I have an ultrasound and know things are god
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I'm working on a blanket, and will probably do a few other things as well.
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So I know who to PM when I need someone to knit something for me.
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I'm sure I'll be knitting up a storm once I find some free time. We were in the middle of renovating our bathroom when we found out...and we have a ways to go with it. I feel like all our time is spent doing this right now.

But on my knitting list is obviously some longies, a few toques, a sweater or two and booties. I can't wait to get started! Dd didn't get much more than a toque and a sweater because I was knitting to sell back in those days and needed the money.

It will be great to share ideas here though. I don't use patterns really though, so can't contribute there.
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I was just thinking I need to start knitting up some longies for the baby.
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Ooh, me too! I haven't branched out much beyond baby hats and blankets as gifts, but I'm super excited to start some projects that I can KEEP!
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I will be! I've got a layette planned, longies & soakers for sure, hats, & of course litle booties & socks!
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I'm looking forward to knitting a lot for this baby, especially since she/he'll be born and a newborn in the dead of winter! It will be a high of 35-40 for the first month of life, so I'll definitely need some good wool clothes for this baby!
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I knitted a couple of things for DS, and would love to knit this time around... altough I haven't looked at patterns yet, and I don't quite feel ready to start knitting for this baby. But yeah, I'll be joining with knitting in a little while.
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I've had specific yarn set aside for baby things for quite a while now

I have in the plans:
*a coming home outfit of a kimono sweater, booties and longies ~ out of Elliebelly baby yaga
*striped stocking hat in red and white
*SMSS romper
*cub cuddler

I'm a WAHM knitter, so I'm constantly knitting and can't wait to knit for a newborn.
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I'm still in the hats and blankets ability range but I'd love to learn how to do sweaters, sleep sacs and longies. I'm excited to finally get to knit for myself.
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I plan on knitting a SMSS romper with a semi-solid, that way it will be nice and gender neutral. Some longies and cardigans too.

I am knitting a the Springtime in Hollis NB sweater at the moment. I am using a very girly yarn, so I will probably give it to a friend who just found out she is having a girl.
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Me too! Like others I haven't started yet but am hoping to be able to get a lot knitted since it will be a winter baby. Been buried in baby gifts for friends for months now, and am still working on a blanket for the latest!

Here's a good source for patterns, compiles a lot of good ones from various sources all over the web:

And I love this site for ideas and links to patterns on blogs etc:
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I find most of my patterns through ravelry
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almost finished with my first washcloth! I have several friends at work who are expecting in August and Oct. so I have lots of knitting to do! ANyone else knitting right now?
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I'm trying to finish something for DD I was hoping to finish by her birthday (which was almost a month ago - bad mama! But she doesn't know it's for her). Then I'm starting baby stuff. I just don't get much time to knit.
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I already asked my sister to help with the knitting She was of course super excited, so I have to make my list of things to knit for DS and this new one. I am not waiting, I think I will have a lot to do.

I need to look up some patterns this upcoming week. Only 35.5 more weeks to get this done
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ANyone have a favorite pattern for wool soakers? That and AIO's are what I plan on using. I don't think I want the pull-on kind, as it would be more messy, so I'm looking for a good pattern that looks like a regular diaper, probably with buttons...
- Jen
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