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I am a homebirth CNM in Savannah, GA. Insurance reimburses based on type of provider, not location of services, so they do indeed reimburse (even Tricare) for home births. The state rules and regs for APRNs does not define where you can attend births  and out of hospital births are fine, otherwise the birthing center would be in trouble since they are out of hospital. I practice fully above ground, but do not have hospital privileges (I don't want to be in a hospital, so thats fine with me!). CPMs are in a legal grey area but are not technically illegal - they are not practicing medicine without a license, they are practicing midwifery and the state is not issuing licenses anymore, so technically if a lawsuit came up then it would be on the state to explain why they are not issuing licenses to certified individuals who qualify.



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There is a perinatologist in Atlanta that is known for backing up homebirth midwives.  I have a friend who is a CNM and is trying to start a homebirth practice. The way I understand it, is that a CNM still needs doctor backup.

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As far as insurance goes, it just depends on the insurance company.  Mine won't reimburse midwives period for homebirth (CNM or CPM) but I know several who got reimbursed for CPM homebirths.

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Do you provide services north of savannah or know of anyone CNM that handle homebirths near peachtree city? I am looking for someone.
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I'm a CNM who's doing homebirth in Atlanta.  My website is www.gamidwife.com  Altanta Birth Care.  There are a few problems with insurance reimbursements, however.

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Atlanta Birth Care midwives do births in Peachtree City.

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Does anyone know of home birth midwives in Columbus,GA??

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I recently graduated from Frontier and am interested in finding information about doing home births...I talked with you when you were in the physician's practice about being my preceptor, but I lost contact with you. I finished the program and am having difficulty finding work as a midwife here.  I was promised a job before I ever started school but that did not happen as planned. I have had several disappointments since graduating.  If there is any way you can contact me, I would be forever grateful! My email is tyzcnm@gmail.com. Thank you

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Hi! I too am pregnant and searching for a midwife in southern Georgia. I've only lived here about two weeks and it's crazy hard to search when I don't know anyone in the area! I'm living in the Lee/ Albany area. This is baby number 5, first two were cesareans, second two were hba2c's if it matters. I don't even know how far everything is from here so it's super hard to search. Please help!
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You should contact atlantamidwife.net she will have the answers you are looking for :)

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The Columbus person. Tanya Trail CPM attends home births out that way. She is based in Tyron. You can reach her at 770.778.7039

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According to the GA laws, CNMs are "independent practitioners". However our RX authority is controlled by a doc. Anyway, most CNMs have a back up because it just makes sense to. 

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I never heard back from Atlantamidwife.net. I'm really thinking my closest option is a monitrice about 90 minutes away from Lee/Albany over in Valdosta, or maybe even a UBAC. Please keep me posted if anyone hears of someone closer :)

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oops, duplicate post.

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Near Peachtree City:

Carlene Allen who is in this thread

Linda Segal is in Fayetteville 678.876.0625


and if they can't take you because they are booked, I can (Natalie Whitworth), 404.862.1426 [Admin note: Link removed.  Promtional links not allowed.]

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I assume after all these years you have had your questions answered. If not let me know and I can talk with you anytime. 404.862.1426 Natalie Whitworth, CNM [Admin note: Link removed.  Promotional posting of links not allowed in discussion forums.]

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And now I don't think any CNMs are underground since it's always been legal. For a breakdown on laws and regulation for CNMs you can visit my website [Admin Note: Link removed.  Promotional posting of links not allowed.] and click on Safety and Legality tab :)

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Hello all! We are here! The FIRST, LEGAL CNM Homebirth practice of South Georgia. We will willingly travel a two hour radius. Tell everyone! We are bringing safe birth options to south Georgia. Info@serendipitymidwifery.com
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you can always ask on Coastal birth services FB page. Nicole might go to parts of GA or know someone who does https://www.facebook.com/groups/101399646142/ Also natural birth mama's is nation wide and might have ideas too https://www.facebook.com/groups/250503388365022/

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