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(Edited) From Worcester MA to New Haven CT...I can't believe it!

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I'm going to start grad school at Yale, and would love any introductions anyone can provide to New Haven!

Not sure when I'll start school (considering a deferment offered to me), but we'll be doing the actual move in fall 2011.

I'm both really excited and scared at the same time to be starting this new adventure. Also, any leads on rentals there are welcome. We're happy with something small (2 bedrooms fine), but it must be $1200/month or less including utilities.

Meanwhile, I've got to figure everything out about leaving MA...job stuff, home stuff, packing stuff, helping the kids say goodbye. Oye!
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Sierra, you have exceeded your PM space and need to clear messages
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Have you applied for Graduate Housing? $1200 inc. utilities will prolly be pretty difficult in the East Rock/ Yale area. Maybe further afield.

I live in one of the grad housing complexes and would be happy to share more info both on N.H./ housing/ Yale....
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Maiasaura, space has been cleared . Sorry about that.

luvmyrory, oh it is so nice to "meet" someone else at Yale. Fantastic! I have not applied for grad school housing because they are still doing lotteries for this year and we are looking at fall '11 (most likely). Also, they told us the chances of getting in might as well be 1 in a million (originally we were really set on grad school housing and even wanted to ask if they had "RA" like positions we could apply for because we saw they had folks in each housing unit organizing activities for the families and kids, etc....we were much more discouraged after talking to the grad housing department at Yale and didn't even ask our "RA" question).

We would have better luck with my particular grad school within Yale, as there is also housing available there, but the apartments seem to have dorm thin walls, and I am a little worried about how kid-friendly they will be (on the end of worrying we will be too noisy for others rather than thinking others will bother us).

I'm open to looking out of East Rock for the combined reason that there is a chance my son will be going to a school in Milford or even Old Saybrooke anyway. On the other hand, I was really hoping to be able to bike to school so we could potentially even lose a car.

Anyway, yes, yes, thank you so much for posting, and feel free to post any info you think I'll need!
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bump :-)
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New Haven is a nice town. Its like Boston-Lite. Lots of good restaurants and fun things to do. There is a health food store called Edge of the Woods that I like to visit when I'm there (I live about 20 min up the road). Take a good look at their schools..I can't vouch for any specifically, but I know they have magnet schools that draw in kids from my town. The town is a bit more earthy than "Woosta." Pretty good bus transportation if you need to live further from campus but still wanted to ditch the car.
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Thanks MindfulBirth, that is all very helpful. I'm definitely going to check out Edge of the Woods when I go out there for my next visit.

Is the magnet school the Washington Hooker school I've been hearing about, or something else?

You make me hopeful, regarding ditching the car. I am worried about finding housing close enough to the campus. I really don't want to have to deal with parking for classes...did that through undergrad (granted it was elsewhere), and it was awful. Not to mention the financial aspect. Plus, I'm looking for a more earth-friendly lifestyle...in a major way.
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forgot to check back to the thread, sorry!

I'm sorry talking with the housing office was discouraging. I'm one of those residents who plans things for residents... there is a rent reduction, but its not a whole lot. It does help, though.

The divinity school housing is actually just across the street from my complex. I don't know whether there is any children's programming there, but there is a small playground and also a large grassy area. There is also a small organic garden co-op right there called Divinity Farm. Looks pretty cool and we might join in this summer.
The housing also has the benefit of being right at the divinity school, so you'd be able to do away with the second car. I agree, you don't want to drive to classes. There's not much parking and what's there is expensive.

If you were to find a place further out... Guilford or even Old Saybrook, another option would be to take the train in. I know there are a fair number of professors/ post grads who do this. It would be quite a walk from the train station to the divinity school. But I do believe the Yale Shuttle might stop at the station or near by.

Schools.... the only one I've ever heard anything good about is Worthington Hooker. It is down the street from the Div School Housing and very walkable. If this is going to be a possibility for your kids, you'll need to keep an eye on the enrollment date. The school can be very difficult to get into, people get in line at the crack of dawn enrollment day. I know somebody who got her grad housing apt lease to be drawn up in may and began paying rent so she would be a resident in order to get her kid in!

Gotta run, but I'll try to remember to check back to the thread.
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Old Saybrook and Westbrook both have pretty good elementary schools, from what I recall. I don't know much about towns closer in to New Haven, but Old Saybrook has a train station with a direct line to New Haven. They're about 30 minutes apart by car, though traffic on I-95 can be pretty heinous.
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You may be able to find an apartment in West Haven for that price, but most places do not include anything in the rent other than water (because it is required by law)

I used to live in the area myself.
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The Hooker school is not a magnet it is a neighborhood school (and an excellent one at that) in the east rock area. East rock is tons of Yale grad. students , post docs and the like. I live over by westville/edgewood and we like it here. I am actually right down the street from Edge of the Woods. I have a great landlord with lots of apartments in the area, Pm if you want more info. Getting into hooker would be super hard if you weren't here in spring 2010 for registration fall 2011. Registration for this coming fall has happened and the school fills up fast. As in people get in line at 4 am to get a spot. CRAZY! We are a one car family (DH works out of town so he always has the car) The kids and I walk, bus,bike everywhere! My son goes to a pre school that is basically on campus at yale and we have no problems getting there from here 15-20 mintue walk 5 mintue bus ride!
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Hi everyone! I just remembered it had been a while since I checked this thread...and I LOVED coming back to all this info! Thank you sooo much.

Luckily, since we won't be making the move until fall 2011 (even if I start school this fall and forego my deferment, I'll keep my classes down in number and commute from MA). This gives me some time to get this stuff figured out.

Oh, and I had heard of the lines and everything for Washington Hooker. I'm prepared to camp out all night and all that if we go that route. We have to be in East Rock though, right? It is interesting because I have never, ever heard a single positive thing about any of the other schools.

If I was going to live in Old Saybrooke, for example (not my favorite idea at all, but one of the big advantages being there is a elementary Montessori school there that has scholarships), how long exactly do you think it might take me to walk from the train station to the Divinity School? Is the train expensive?
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I promise there are other good schools in New Haven besides Hooker. My kids will be going to the King Robinson International Baccalaureate Magnet School in the fall and we love it. There are also some other very immpressive schools in the magnet system. Yes, to get into Hooker you would have to be in East Rock and in the designated hooker neighborhood which is not all of East Rock. The train station is not too far from Yale Divinty maybe 15-20 minutes I think. There are actually a couple of kids in my sons preschool class that have parents at the Divinity school.
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That's actually really reassuring. I just saw that some folks are planning to do a rock concert sleepover and while I'd be willing to do something like that when it comes down to it, it also is a good reminder of what a long shot it could be to get in.
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I actually asked at school yesterday what the travel time from train station to the Div school is and it is more like 40 min. I also wanted to mention that if your child is in preschool at a K readiness school (like Westville community or united communtiy) you get early registration for K (as long as you are resistering at your nieghborhood school) which would eliminate the waiting in line bit.
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I saw you mentioned the possibility of your child going to school in Milford, and later mentioned a Montessori in Old Saybrook. If you are looking at the NESM school in Milford, both of my kids went to preschool there and I would be happy to answer any questions about both the school and the town. We moved here from Brooklyn and have been very happy here.
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