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I feel compelled to respond. I do not believe MrsTC was coming from a malevolent place at all. I believe she is coming from a good place, sharing what has brought her comfort and hoping to offer comfort to others.

Like anything else of a spiritual nature, you will find those who do agree, who kinda agree and who full on disagree. MrsTC wasn't trying to force anyone to hold the same beliefs as her. And it's no different than a Christian saying, "I spoke with my Pastor today and he told me that God has His own plan and His own will and that He does these things for a reason." There are many on this planet for whom astrology is part of their religion or spirituality and it brings them great comfort. Sometimes it's hard to see the other side of the fence because we have our own specific values and beliefs, but that doesn't mean that those who view life and religion differently are coming from a place of harm.

In the past four weeks since learning of my baby River's death and miscarrying at 12 weeks I have heard different things from well-meaning people. I have people telling me it happens for a reason. I've had people tell me she is coming back to me at the right time. I've had people tell me that God work's in mysterious ways and always opens a door after he has closed another. I have had people explain God's Will and how it is perfect and His reasons are always good. I've had people tell me that something must have been wrong with the baby and that's it's a good thing this happened. I've had people tell me that this is nature's way of telling me that something was wrong with me, the baby or both of us and that it's for the best. I've heard a lot of different viewpoints. Some I agree with, some I don't. But all have come from a place of the other person trying their best to give comfort. Personally, I think some of the comments directed towards MrsTC have been hurtful.

MrsTC - I spoke to two intuitives, one here on MDC, in the past two weeks. Both have told me the exact same thing. I already believed that she would be coming back to me. I understand where you are coming from and I know you wanted to offer some peace and comfort to others.

For me, I do believe my baby is coming back to me. That's part of my personal (and complicated - to some ) belief system. I would never put someone down for believing something else. For the record, I still feel my pain as raw as can be. Believing that she will come back does bring a measure of comfort, but it doesn't change the fact that I wanted her NOW. It doesn't lessen the pain or cheapen my emotions. And I know people of different faiths who feel the same. Their faith brings comfort, but doesn't always help fully when the pain is so unbearably raw. It doesn't stop the questions or the anger.

I hope we can all remember that we all have different backgrounds and experiences and that we all come here to help one another.
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Hi folks,
Just a reminder to always keep the UA in mind when posting. While we do not have to agree, we do have to speak respectfully to our fellow MDC posters. Name calling is not permitted. Thank you for keeping MDC as civil and safe as possible for a public forum!
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MrsTC - thank you for posting your thoughts. I found your post very interesting especially since I had a conversation with my DH last night about our sweet baby that died and whether or not we should try to have another baby. My DH asked me if I thought the baby's soul would come back to us if we had another. I was really astounded that he asked me this - I forget how deep and sensitive he is sometimes. I kind of like the thought of my baby coming back to me at a better time but who knows how it really works. I will always grieve the baby I lost and always love my children and any other babies I have as separate lovely individuals.
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