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anyone figured out their babywearing stash yet?

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I'm so confused!! I wish they weren't so expensive and I could just get one of every kind and figure out what I like

how is everyone else's stash coming along?
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Based on experience with DS and all of my playgroup friends, the Ergo is the most beloved carrier (for 3-4 months plus, $105)!! And, for newborn stage, people seem divided between the wrap (Moby, for example, $40), the sling (over one shoulder), and the Mei Tai style (I have a Babyhawk I like, about $85). It does really depend on personal and baby preference. Do you have a place near you where you can try them on? I drove about an hour to try various ones when DS was 4 weeks. I ended up with both the Moby and Mei Tai, both of which were great for newborn phase. I got my Ergo around 6 months, and still use it from time to time at 28 months. He LIVED in that thing for a year!

While expensive, if you get one or two you truly get use out of, it is WELL worth it!!! So, try to get your hands on someone else's or try them at a store. Good luck!!
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I bought 6, was happy with 5, used 4 a lot and would say I NEED 3.
The moby did not work for us. However DH and loved pouch style carriers in the very beginning. I used a rockin baby while he used a kangeroo fleece (winter baby in Sweden ). The kangeroo fleece probably got the most use of everything, well into toddlerdom. Quick and easy. DD and I loved the hip carry as she got bigger. I didn't like the rockin baby in the hip carry. I may sell it.
We also got good use out of a Kangeroo pouch with thin material and built-in sun protection (sunny vacation destinations ) but it's not as comfy in the long-run as the fleece.

I then got a Beco baby-wearer deluxe (similar to an Ergo but more compact) and a Kozy Mei Tai. I love both of these so much! I travelled a lot with DD on my own. The Beco becomes a butt pack. Too great! The Beco is very DH-friendly too. No straps!
The Mei Tai was unbeatable in getting DD to sleep and made for easy transfer to the bed.

That's my stash story.
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I'm planning to order a babyhawk mei tai after my scan on Friday if everything goes well. I love that I get to custom design the patterns!

I was thinking about a hotsling for a while, but then got worried that it might be too similar to the bag style slings and that I might not carry the baby correctly in it while it's really little. So I changed my mind and now I want to get a Maya ring sling, so that I can hold the baby in a vertical tummy to tummy hold while it's little.

I like the look of the ergo too! I have a secret plan to buy one of those for DH once the baby is a little older.

So I don't have anything yet, but I've been doing lots of daydreaming!
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I'm doing lots of daydreaming too

I think I would like the Sleepy Wrap more than the Moby, and I do think I would use a wrap a lot as a newborn, esp around the house, or when I go for walks at the mall or something for exercise. I also want an easier in-and-out sling for the newborn stage, I can't decide which pouch or ring sling I would like though.

When they are a little older I would love to get a woven wrap. I think I would use this like crazy. I love how they look, and I'm ok with a learning curve on them. Also for when they are older I want to get a SSC, I'm thinking a Boba, I love how they look and how comfy they seem.

I also like the Babyhawk, and really want to get one, but I think this one will end up being a lot of overlap with the other slings I have.
Oh, and I like the Baby K'Tan too, my friend has one and used her's all the time with her first.

But now if I add all those up....
pouch and/or ring
woven wrap

that's 7 slings!!!! esp. when a couple of those are over $100 it's just too much money for me.

Oh well, at least now I have an idea of what I will probably like and I can work on narrowing it down. There is a babywearer group about an hour away from me and they have a lending library of slings as well at least a few people to help me try stuff on and figure out what I would like. I'm thinking about heading down there sometime, but have to work it into my schedule.

Wow, this post got long
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Since this is my third I have quite a stash going already (Ergo- couldn't live without it, Hotsling, ditto, two Maya pouches- never could get a ring sling to work), but I did sell my Moby to by a Stork after DS2 was out of the newborn phase and now I am unsure if I should get another one! I love how snuggly it was and how tight I could get him to my body, especially while on preschool outings/park days with my older son. I don't know if I can wrap that tight with the Stork. I did have a friend with a Sleepy wrap and it REALLY stretched out- way more than my Moby. If i could just have my old Moby back! What was a thinking? I would like to try a Mei Tai, too, but can't really justify it with all this other stuff and this being my last baby.
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I've got a Babyhawk Mei Tai that I LOVE.

I'm planning on getting a Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling.

I have a Snugli (like a super cheap Bjorn/Ergo) that is basically crap. Don't see myself using that one very often.

Thinking about finding a good fabric and making a wrap.

I'm on a super super tight budget so trying to not spend much.
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Whomever said that they're on #3 and have quite a stash is right

Here's what I have currently:
- Moby
- Sleeping Baby Productions solarveil ring sling (beach/pool/shower)
- Mayawrap RS
- Momma-made extra wide RS (if I can find it; I have a terrible feeling it is lost)
- Ergo
- Beco 4th Gen

I also have had:
- Canvas Hotsling (too stretchy, and the dogs ate it)
- Polarfleece Hotsling (too big)
- Mei Hip (loved it but lent it out and never got it back; the RS works just as well)

I think I could winnow to 3: Moby, ring sling, Beco. I prefer the Beco to the Ergo because it's A) much cuter and B) taller body = more security for taller toddlers. Plus, I think the wider waist belt is more comfy, and I do like the roll-up feature.

What I'm lusting after:

- Beco Butterfly II: I'd love to wear my itty bitty (relatively speaking; I make 'em biggish) in a structured carrier right from the start.
- Pikklolo or one of the other SSCs that allow for FFO. Isn't Beco supposedly coming out with one this year?
- Woven wrap: I got really comfy with wrapping DD2, but I never ventured beyond the Moby. Wrapping is soooo supportive!

I think if I buy another carrier, my DH will fuh-reak!
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Ooh, can someone tell me how to use my Ergo with a newborn. I have seen it done in ads and such, but I couldn't get DS2 to fit in mine securely until he was about 5mo. I tried and tried before that, but until his legs were long enough to stick out the sides he screamed his head off if I put him in it...
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Originally Posted by aloneinid View Post
Ooh, can someone tell me how to use my Ergo with a newborn. I have seen it done in ads and such, but I couldn't get DS2 to fit in mine securely until he was about 5mo. I tried and tried before that, but until his legs were long enough to stick out the sides he screamed his head off if I put him in it...
I have big babies (DD2 was 15-7 and 24+" by 2 months), so YMMV. But I was able to wear her on the front with one leg out and one leg froggied at about 6w. Ergo does sell an infant insert that is a padded "taco shell". You put baby in, fold the sides up, and then place baby in more of a cradle position. I have never used it, though, and I have read that it is a waste of $$. I think if you check thebabywearer.com (or even here in the BWing section), you may find info on other ways.

From what I understand, you actually should be able to get a tighter, more secure wrap with the Stork!
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I had a Babyhawk MT with my son and LOVED it, but I didn't get into babywearing until he was older. For this baby I want:

-Neobulle woven wrap
-Babyhawk MT and/or Boba carrier

I probably won't be able to get them all before the baby is born, but that is the stash I want to be working on. A wrap is a MUST have before the baby comes, but I have a friend making two stretchy wraps for me, so that will be nice. My mom will be helping out with childcare (I work full time AND am in school full time, hubby works PT and is in school full time. Fortunately my office is attached to my house and the baby will be with me much of the time) and I need to make sure she has at least one wrap just for her.
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I think we might have everything for now. After trial and error with DD #1, I discovered that I'm an MT girl and DW does better with SSC's. I have super narrow shoulders that can't keep up a bra strap and ring slings just HURT (despite my ultimate wish that I could use one effectively). I had a wrap for awhile but the yardage just gave me a panic attack...lol. I love, love, love the idea of snuggling a newborn in one, but it's just not practical for me. Thus, we modestly have a Freehand and a tester by Olives and Applesauce that is made remarkably similar to the Freehand for me and an Ergo for DW. I know the MT's won't last me past a certain weight point, but by then perhaps we'll do something like a Boba.
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I have a lot of baby carriers but I like different things for different stages. I would like one more ssc but I'm deciding whether to make or buy it. For the new babe I have a moby, a mei tai I made with a shorter body and a ten toes click ssc. For my son I have 3 mei tais I made. Two are made out of heavy canvas and one out of bottom weight denim. I have a ssc I made that my dh uses made out of heavy duty corduroy and I have a scootababy type carrier I made out of hemp canvas. I also have a woven wrap I wanted to have dyed.

My favorite for newbies is the moby. It took me a while to get the hang of it with my dd but once I figured out how to use it and how tight it needed to be it was the best most snuggly carrier. It easy to use once you do learn and you can pre tie for outings. I find it the easiest to nurse in.

I had some carriers that I used and sold off for various reasons. I had an ergo and I like the materials but it didn't fit me right since I have narrow shoulders. I had a baby hawk that I loved with my dd but I later discovered how to make mei tais more supportive and I didn't like it for older babies or toddlers since the padding isn't good and it is made of twill without much support in the waist. I had a nanas jet pack and it fit great but for a tall carrier I thought the materials were not sturdy enough. It was made of twill with inadequate padding and not enough waist support. For newborns I don't mind lighter materials and lighter padding but once they weight more I want heavy canvas or denim, good padding like nufoam and good waist support like seat darts and camping mats or new foam for padding for the waist for both mei tais and sscs.

I really really want a kindercarry or bamberoo ssc for my ds and the baby when they get older. I tried my friend's on and I was very impressed with the fit and material. I can probably make something similar but all the tutorials online are a little big for me so they need some adjustments and I don't know if I can get the fit perfect.
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I know the MT's won't last me past a certain weight point, but by then perhaps we'll do something like a Boba.
If you get a mei tai out of supportive materials and buy canvas not twill it is just as supportive as a ssc. Some brands that are good are NHT, Bamberoos, Kindercarry, Olivia Bolivia and Beanslings and there are others.
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Oh and I just wanted to say if anyone has a sewing machine and can sew even very begining sewers there are great tutorials on the babywearer.com in the diy section. The turtorials are very detailed and show pictures so the are easy to follow. A mei tai was my first project and it came out well. I also made a ssc. I know they have instructions how to make wraps and ring slings etc.
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I have a Moby, and Ergo, and a solarveil RS. I had a Maya RS and a Mei Tai, but I gifted those - the Maya was great but I liked my Moby better, so it went to a friend who needed a sling. And I never got the hang of the MT, and my kiddo hated it.

My solarveil is fantastic, but limited as a sling. It's not supportive enough for long wear when baby gets heavier, but for the newborn stage it's tops - fast and easy. It also makes a great sun-shade for stroller / carseat / etc.

My Moby is the most versatile, but it can be a little bit of a PITA when you're learning. I used that the most - it allowed me to move around and have my hands free and be skin to skin - and once he got bigger the additional positions were great. The hip carry for short distances was wonderful, since my boy wanted to be carried but also wanted his space. It was also my favorite way to carry him when I was shopping - if he fell asleep I could cover him up and keep people from coming at me all "oooohhh baby"

The Ergo is the best for longer wear, and it's the most dad-friendly. Though, once my son got too big for front-carry, I rarely used the Ergo - I did not like it accentuating my belly flab, lol. Also, my son is very independent and wanted to walk or be in the stroller. Could also have something to do with us living in AZ, and thus babywearing can get hot and nasty...
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I wore both of my two kids and I have just 3 carriers: A Maya ring sling, a hotsling pouch, and a Babyhawk mei tei. They all served me really well. I think the only thing I might get is an Ergo for dh to use, although he is very comfortable using the Maya ring sling. We'll see.

I'll most likely use the Hotsling exclusively in the beginning, and then move to the Maya when babe is a little bigger. I don't like using the Babyhawk with real littles. Thankfully, mine don't start small ( 10 pound ds, 9.4 pound dd) so I won't have to wait too long.

I would try and borrow a friend's sling/wrap, mei tei to use with your baby until you find one that fits both you and babe best. Some carriers work great with some pairs, and awful with another. It's such a personal choice.
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I know that Ergos are popular with many mamas, but they didn't work for us for several reasons. 1) The back didn't go up high enough. DS was a back archer, and especially when I had him on my back, he felt like he could almost arch his way out of it. This is when he was only 6 or 7 months old. 2) The panel is very wide. It was a long time before his legs were long enough that the fabric didn't cut in behind his knees, and by the time it didn't, he was arching his way out of it. 3) For a back carry, I prefer a carrier that I can wear higher so LO can see over my shoulder. The hugeness of the Ergo waistpad made it very difficult to wear higher.

So for a SSC for us, we ended up with an AngelPack LX, and it took care of all of those problems. The smaller waist pad was comfy but I can still wear it high - just under my breasts. The panel fabric goes much higher and the panel is narrower.

I think carriers fit different sized mamas differently. For comparison, I have a small frame, but broader shoulders for my build. DS was in the 90-something percentile for weight and height until he was over 6 months old.

SO after all that, I used a Moby ALL the time when he was little. I had a Babyhawk MT as well, but didn't prefer it until he was older and could go legs out. I got the AngelPack around 6-7 months when I sold my Ergo and have used both it and the BabyHawk off and on until he was past the age of 2 (just used the Babyhawk last week). I have a Mayawrap ring sling and a fleece pouch, but any 1-shouldered carriers I've tried have been uncomfortable.

The only thing I need this time is a wrap. I was borrowing a friend's Moby, and I'm leaning more towards something like a Wrapsody (Gypsy Mama) Bali Baby Stretch. I still very much like the stretchiness of a Moby, but something more supportive would have been more comfortable (particularly with a big baby!) If I find a super cheap Moby, I'll pick it up though, just because they are so snuggly and nice for a newborn.
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The one and only thing I knew I just had to have for this baby was a custom wrap conversion mei tai! I have a wrapstar on the way! Otherwise our baby will be in his KKAFP. I have had so many carriers and have narrowed it down to those two! plus of course my Kinderpack and Kanga-xt for over 9 months or so.
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Let's see...I have a Baby Hawk, an Ergo (my very favorite), a Moby, and my newest addition is a sleeping baby productions' Girasol ring sling conversion. After 4 kids, I know I like the ring sling in the beginning, but I added the Moby for this time around. I had an Ellaroo woven wrap for Shelby, and I just didn't love it. It was too hot for us, in Arizona in the summertime. So I picked up a Moby this time, hoping that it will work better for us in the very early days. I'll probably use it the most around the house, and the ring sling when we go out. When babe is a bit bigger we'll probably use the Baby Hawk more, and then the Ergo. When to start using the Ergo is a toughie, because Shelby still rides in it a lot. If she doesn't outgrow it by the time we need it for this kiddo, I may end up buying another one.
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