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Extraction vs Baby Root Canal Decision

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Ds has an abscess on his right front top tooth. We have been presented with the options of the extraction or baby root canal. I feel so conflicted.

I want to keep his teeth as intact as possible but I don't want to do this at a risk to his health. I don't want to have the tooth pulled if we don't have to. We have endured 2 years of dental work to save his teeth.

I am very emotional about this right now and am having a hard time making the decision.

If it was a back tooth I would be ok with the extraction. The fact that it is a front top tooth which is more visible I'm leaning towards the baby root canal.

What are the risks of doing the root canal? Any risks to the extraction?
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From what I've read, root canals are not good for us because they trap anaerobic bacteria in the tubules of the tooth, which then has an overall effect on our health. There are several books on the subject. One of them is Root Canal Cover Up.

Also, the gutta percha that they fill the root with is a toxic material.

That said, I understand how hard it is to decide because of the cosmetic factor.

How old is your son? If his adult front tooth will grow into the space in only a year or two, maybe it's better just to extract the tooth?
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Thanks for your reply rayo de sol! My son is 3.5 years old, so it is likely that his adult tooth would come in around 3 years from now. It feels like a long time, but I know the years will fly by.

Our dentist isn't in a big panic about it right now and says we have a few months to make a decision. According to her, most dentists say the abscess needs to be taken care of "immediately", but she is on the more holistic side. My son isn't in any pain and the abscess is very contained. She says his body is apparently trying to fight the bacteria on its own. She says his tooth is a little loose, but I can't feel that.

We saw our family homeopath over the weekend and she agreed that we aren't in a panic situation as he isn't in pain and it doesn't appear to be growing or bothering him. She gave us a remedy to give him twice per day for the next 2 weeks. If it is the right one for him his body should strengthen to fight the bacteria and his body should absorb the abscess. I am so hopeful that this will happen!

I am so relieved that we have time to see if alternative methods work before we deal with the root canal or extraction decision. I do understand that bacteria in our bodies is not desirable, but I also believe that our society is over scared of bacteria and it causes our systems to have a harder time dealing with them due to lack of exposure. Although, I am trying to get more comfortable with the extraction idea as it is probably the best solution.

Thanks again rayo de sol, I will check out the link!
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i was about to post same thing....

i don't want to hi-jack this thread - but so ironic! i was about to post a similar thing asking if anyone had healed a toddler's abcess successfully.

my dd is almost 3. top front tooth is abcessed.

i was initially willing to try a root canal- not like me - but the cosmetic thing is weighing on me. plus dentist is one i would trust to sterilize correctly, ozone, etc. but, he is NOT a kid's dentist. my dd - usually so cooperative - did not.

pediatric dentist we then saw willing to do root canal - with in office sedation - but is recommending extraction.

have seen a naturopath, are on their recommended protocol. but not sure if it is going to work.

i don't want to jeopardize her health in any way. not sure how to keep trying. her gum is not quite swollen and angry - But she is not experiencing the pain of the initial symptoms. a healing crisis?

peanutsmom- you have my total empathy. would love to hear from others who have dealt with one way or another....
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I'm glad to hear from you! I would love to hear what your naturopath is recommending.

We visited our homeopath and she gave us a remedy to give to ds. Her hope is that it would help to strengthen his body so it could fight the bacteria and heal the abscess. We are on the last 2 days of the 2 week remedy and the abscess is still there. It has been interesting as I looked at it daily, (trying to act casual and not the obsessive that I was feeling!) and it kept changing. Some days it looked a little smaller/flatter, some days it was back to original size, lighter pink, more red.

Our naturopath also recommended Myrrh powder and I've been putting that on it 1-2 times per day for about a week.

He still isn't experiencing pain. Now that a few weeks have passed, I am feeling less emotional about it. But, I still really don't want to extract his tooth unless it is necessary. I also don't want people to say rude things to my baby!! My oldest dd had ezcema issues and I remember when it was at its worst strangers making comments directly to her about it. This guy at Home Depot said, "Wow, it looks like you got in a fight with a cat and lost!" After that my dd said she was going to wear long sleeves anytime she left the house. It was summer!! I just wish people would leave their comments about other people's bodies in their heads.

I would love to hear what your naturopath recommended!
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I don't remember the full details surrounding the causes (mom blames it on dad's genes & bad teeth, but has also mentioned night time baby bottles of milk that could have caused decay) but I had a tooth extracted when I was around 4 yo.

As far as cosmetics surrounding a front tooth being removed, no one assumed I'd had it pulled. It was one of my two front top teeth, so it was noticeable that it was missing, and everyone I saw assumed it fell out. I thought it was a badge of honor that I'd had it pulled, so I told anyone that asked, of course!
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