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~Spotlight on Tiffanoodle~ (April 21-25)

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EDD: 6/30
Name: Tiffany
Age: Just turned 30
Location: Oshkosh, WI
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): dh of almost 11 years Matt, dd Samantha (10.5y), ds Tevin (5.5y), dd Cadence (1.5y), 7yo Siberian Huskey/Lab mix Casey, 10 month old St. Bernard Sasha, 10yo Tortoiseshell DSH cat Shasta, Almost 1yo little black cat EmmieLou, and 11 month old gray potentially Maine Coon cat Chewbacca.
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Not sure. 20w u/s said girl, but it was poor quality, not a good view, and she was kind of rushed. I have the very strong feeling that it's a boy, and that would give us 2 of each, so if I had to choose I would have a boy.
Names you like: Lucas Gerald for a boy. I think we've kind of settled on Callista Joan for a girl.
Birth Plans/Preferences: I give birth in a hospital birth center with an OB. I had my first via c-section in the age-old young, overdue, stalled labor, induced with Pitocin, baby posterior, OB pretty uninterested, 27.5 hours of hard labor (only had 2 doses of Demerol until I was put out, never caved for the epidural/saddle block) 3 hours of intense pushing, used vacuum, saw her head *right there* but then heart decels, I was shaking and exhausted, so off to emergency c-section I went to have a perfectly wonderfully healthy 8#14.5oz baby. That I didn't get to see for 3 hours. I was determined to not go through that again. I worked very hard to have my awesome VBAC with ds. My water broke but I wasn't having contractions. After walking MILES around the hospital, we decided on a small dose of Pit to get things going so I didn't "time out" and require a c-section. It was slow going up to 7cm. I thought it would never be over. I had 2 doses of Nubain to get me some rest, as I'd gone into labor at 7:30pm and was worried about not having the energy to finish it out. Then I went from 7cm-10cm in 15 minutes and he came out in 2 contractions, about 5 pushes. 20.5 hours start to finish, 6#10oz of more wonderful perfection that I got to hold immediately. With dd2, I was having miserable, timeable contractions that I was sure were pushing her out. They weren't doing as much as we hoped, so the doc broke my water just to get things going. It went a lot like ds's birth. I was stalled a bit and agreed to a half dose of Nubain for the back labor. OMG the back labor. She went 6cm-10cm in about 15 minutes and out in just a few pushes, too. 13.5 hours. 7#1oz. of a gorgeous, somewhat yellow, little bundle of fun. Dd1 wasn't in the room for the birth, but got there in time to cut the cord. She was over the moon.
I seem to cut 7 hours off each time, so I'm hoping for 6.5 hours of labor. I guess you would say I have birth trauma because I have an intense fear of going postdates, having a big baby, and c-sectioning again. I feel like this one will be early, fast, and furious. My ultimate goal is to get through it with ZERO meds this time. I don't regret having pain meds in the past, it was what I needed at the time. But I would love to get through one birth saying that I had no meds. And no interventions would be awesome too. I have a dream of the baby popping out in the tub at home, but I doubt that will happen.

What number pregnancy is this for you? 4
Is your baby very active, or laid back? All of my children are very high energy. Starting in utero. This one has days of insanity and then pretty chill days, like yesterday.
Have you "popped"? hehe I guess since we're all past 30 weeks now, this question is kind of funny. I had a woman ask me if I was going to make it through lunch the other day, since I looked like I was going to have this baby any second. But then I get people who say I don't look very big. All in the eye of the beholder, I guess.
Occupation: I finally finished up my degree in Accounting & Finance last year. I have worked seasonally for H&R Block for 6 years. And I just got a part-time job as an administrative associate in the ER of the hospital I deliver at. I start training Monday and I am really excited!
Hobbies/Interests: I love to watch movies and TV. I mostly like a few shows like House, Bones, American Idol, Pawn Stars, and then HGTV. I LOVE watching the remodeling and decorating shows. Severely addicted. I also like to scrapbook, although I haven't had much time for that. I love to travel. I went to NYC twice and Washington DC once in High School. I also went to Spain with my HS Spanish club for 2 weeks right out of HS. Last year dh and I took a 16 day vacation to Europe. We got to see London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and spent a few days with my best friend in Birmingham. I am also a Disneyholic. We took the kids to Disney World in 2006 and 2007, but haven't been back. I'm hoping to get back there next year around the kids' birthdays/our anniversary (6/24). We also want to take our kids each to Europe for a week when they are just about 13. That would make Sam's trip in 2012. I think it would make their education so much more meaningful if they get a chance to see things like the Louvre, the Colosseum, and Vatican City before/while they're learning about it.
Share one weird/interesting fact about yourself: hmmm...I'm not sure. I'll have to think about that and get back to you.
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I can't wait to hear how long your labor is. Your plans to take the kids to Europe sounds awesome! I would have loved if my parents did something like this!
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All your traveling sounds so wonderful!!! Where would you like to visit next?
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Hi, Tiff!! Just wanted to say Hi and congrats!
I am on the Oct boards!!
Miss posting with you guys over at the other place!!!

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Thanks, Angela. You should come back to "the other place". You're still a member.

We want to go back to Europe. We LOVE Rome so much we'd like to move there if there was any possibility of it. I want to see more of Italy and possibly more of France than just Paris. We'd also like to go to Greece and Egypt some day. My husband is really into anthropology/archaeology and loves architecture and Egyptian things. We have so many pictures of Sarcophagi from Europe. I want to travel the whole world sometime before I die. My best friend is originally from Brazil, so when she goes back there sometime (she lives in the UK now) I want to go visit her.
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My DH watches Pawn Stars, and he's gotten me all into it
And I went to Greece when I was 11 (my grandpa is from there, we stayed with family), and France when I was a senior in High School with my French class. Both experiences were some of the best of my life! That is so awesome you plan to take your kids!

Hmmm...a question....
How are your older kiddos feeling about the new baby coming soon?
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The older 2 are really excited. When we told them, they were jumping up and down saying "Yay! Another baby! Please be a _______." (Sam was saying girl, Tevin was saying boy.) Cadence was just jumping with them saying "baby baby baby" They love seeing u/s pictures and feeling the baby move was fun for them. Although one night I was kind of laying down with Tevin resting at my side and we were reading a book. The baby kicked him really hard. He looked at with this goofy look on his face and said "what was that?" I told him the baby kicked him. He said "why did the baby kick *me*?" I said because he was there. He slowly kind of moved away from my belly and went back to the book. hehe

I haven't discussed whether they will be at the hospital this time or not. I know Sam is probably going to want to. Last time, we took her with us and she slept on the pull out sofa through the night. In the morning, my mom and SIL came over and she was going to go to the park with SIL and Tevin. They were still getting ready in the waiting room when Cadence was born. I know she was kind of bummed that she missed the actual moment. If she wants to be there this time, I will probably see if we can work harder to make that happen. I doubt Tevin would do well there. He's pretty sensitive and I think he would be scared. Cadence would definitely freak out so she will be with family. But this time Matt did say he is finally cutting the cord. The doctor cut Sam's, my mom cut Tevin's, Sam cut Cadence's...Daddy's turn.
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