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DH and I recently got new dental insurance through DH's job and we started going to a different dentist. DH's appt was first. He hasn't been to a dentist in years and doesn't take very good care of his teeth so we weren't surprised when the dentist told him he needed a lot of work done. They told him he has 18 cavities, needs 2 or 3 root canals, fillings, crowns, etc. My appt was yesterday. Now, I know I could probably take better care of my teeth, especially with flossing, but I brush really well and have always seen the dentist for cleanings on a regular basis. The last time I was at the dentist was more than 6 months, but less than a year ago. I had no issues at all the last 2 times I saw my old dentist. This new dentist tells me I have 12 cavities! Is it possible to have that many cavities form in that amount of time? Now I'm paranoid that this dentist is either over zealous in treatment or flat out performing unnecessary work. How would I go about obtaining a second opinion? I don't think our insurance would cover another set of xrays. What would you do?
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You ask for copies of your records and xrays and take them to another dentist for a second opinion. It does seem excessive, also unlikely that your insurance provider would decline to cover a visit with a second dentist for another opinion given the quantity/cost of treatment this dentist is recommending.

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You should be able to have your records sent to another dentist. I would definitely want a second opinion before embarking on such extensive work--and if you're at all inclined to different ways of looking at dental health, check out the Curing Cavities with Nutrition sticky at the top of the page.
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I also go to the dentist regularly and am adamant about brushing (not so great on the flossing front) and my appt in October turned up more than 8 teeth with work needed. Some had more that one cavity (in between the teeth, so one on each side.) I previously had ~ 4 cavities (2 at a time, at 2 visits I think) filled in the past.

I am doing one quadrant at a time, to spread out the work and the cost. I had the lower right ones done - two onlays and one inlay - in November, and am headed back this week to schedule the next set.

Sometimes they just pop up all at once. I didn't have my first cavity until I was 21!
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Could it be the machinery? Maybe your other dentist had lower quality xrays or something? Sorry you have cavities. Does your insurance let you choose dr's (ppo)? If you can find a holistic dentist with a good first consultation & a large video screen where they have a camera going thru your mouth while you are told & shown exactly each area of concern, you could literally see the cavities yourself before getting fillings. I had a dentist like that before moving , it was GREAT, gave me alot of peace of mind. (I had to pay in advance & my insurance reimbursed, most holistic dentist offices seem to bill like this.)

Also, thank you to the pp who mentioned the healing cavities with nutrition link, going to check that now, sounds interesting!
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I would be very suspicious of this new dentist.

Ask for copies of your x-rays and records, and seek out a second opinion.

Although I always wonder how can we ever fully trust any dentist because the profit motive probably always gets in the way. Dental school probably leaves dentists with a lot of debt to pay off, not to mention the overhead of running an office.

I would demand to see exactly where on the x-rays he/she sees all this multiple cavities and abscesses (which would indicate the need for a root canal). You should also be able to see clear evidence of the problem.
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