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Chemicals in Baby Wipes

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I didn't realize how many horrible chemicals are in baby wipes! I've been using Costco brand wipes and recently read about the ingredients. I am mortified! They should put warning labels on these things!

I would love to hear what natural (no chemical) brand wipes you use and like. Are there any that are economical? where do you purchase them?

I'm not into cloth wipes, but I could be if anyone has any suggestion/tips. Although, I like throwing out the wipes that were used to clean up BMs!
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We like Nature Babycare wipes and diapers when not using cloth. Amazon is the cheapest place for them, I've found.
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We use cloth wipes: no chemicals in water! I like them because you usually only need 1 cloth wipe as opposed to the three or four when using throwaway wipes. We cloth diaper so I just throw the cloths in my diaper pail but it's fine to just throw them in your regular wash as well.
I just get my cloth wet with warm water as i need it but I know of lots of moms who use a throwaway wipes container, add some water and maybe af ew drops of essential oils and add in a day's worth of cloth wipes so they're handy that way.
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I use Earth's Best wipes. I get a box of six refill packages at Babies R Us for about $18. I joined their rewards club and they send me a 20% off coupon every once in awhile, then I can get them for about $14.

I've tried the Seventh Gen wipes, too, and I found that they were so thin that I had to use more of them.
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my mom, who is not crunchy by any stretch and used cloth diapers b/c that's what there was....said that in her time (1975...i just realized i was making her sound like a pioneer lady!) the wipes were just coming out and since most people believed them to be too harsh (oh times have changed) she used kleenex with lotion squirted on them. i was going to try this but laziness took over.
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Ah, but the FDA says toxic chemicals are safe! It's amazing what they say is okay to put in food and body products, nevermind the list of other things.

Unless you're on well water or have a high dollar purification system, I'd say there are no guarantees of you not having chemicals in the water. Any city water is at the very least going to have chlorine, which causes hormone imbalances and various other problems.

Anyhow, we've only ever used 7th Generation, so I can't compare their thickness, but I'm really happy with them. I buy them on Amazon.com for about $45 (12 refill packages) with free shipping. You can get them for cheaper if you order regular shipments, but I never know when I will get to the States to pick them up.
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We just use cloth wipes and water, even on the go, it is so easy and honestly I can't stand the stink of the commercially available wipes.
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Plain water in a peri bottle. Squirt it on a square of cut-up, old sweat pants or wash cloth as needed. Cheap and easy!
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hello my name is LeChelle I have three girls

I make my own baby wipes it is cheap and there are no harmful chemicals

alls it is 1 1/4 cup water, 2tbsp baby shampo 2tbsp baby lotion, and 1tbs creamy baby oil you mix that all together in a large tuberwear i got mine from walmart 

Cut a roll of paper towels ( i use bounty) in half remove the cardboard and place the cut side down let set for a little bit

I hope this helps a little

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I second the paper towels. We generally just get them wet with water.

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I like the Earth's Best wipes.  I found the Seventh Generation ones to be too thin for my liking.  I've never tried the Nature Babycare ones.  Mostly I am using cloth on the baby and the wipes on my daughter as she has a lot of accidents.  Oh, and we use them in the diaper bag.  Some find the Earth's Best wipes to be too "wet" and they are wet, but I don't mind it.  I get them via Amazon's subscribe & save.

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I am new to cloth diapers and cloth wipes, and I feel sorry for my other 3 kids who had to use chemical paper wipes!  The cloth ones are so soft. I keep them in a warmer and pour diluted LuSa organics wipe solution over them, and it's so nice for her.  Soft, warm, moist, and I use as many wipes per poopies as I wish, because it doesn't matter how many will be in the laundry load.  Every wipe is sparkling clean after the wash.  It's easy and so nice for baby.

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I generally use cloth wipes with a simple homemade solution (distilled water, a very small squirt of California Baby unscented baby wash, and sometimes a drop of olive oil or witch hazel) in a spray bottle, but while out or when dealing with an especially messy dirty diaper I will use Whole Food's brand chlorine free wipes. They are the cheapest of the more natural wipes and I like how thick and "wet" they are. My favorite reason to keep them around, though, is as stain remover--I have used them to get watermelon, tomato, black beans, etc out of my BLWed LO's clothes. I haven't found many other cloths or cleaning solutions that do this quite as well.

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have you read the ingredients in on your baby shampoo and the lotion? they all have harmful ingredients. 

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We also use cloth wipes (flannel), but we use an airport (like for coffee) to keep warm water in to wet the wipes--sometimes I add some baby shampoo to it smile.gif
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We used to use the Whole Foods' one. I think it's called 365. But, I don't remember the ingredients. Maybe they have it online. Good luck.

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The basic idea is to get some kind of cleaning receptacle wet with water somehow. If you don't like using washable washcloths, then use paper towels! Wet them as needed and discard.

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My wipe recipe (I use with cloth wipes and just store cleaner in a peri bottle, but you could also use with a paper towel or a thick toilet paper like Charmin):

1 TB baby Castile soap (dr Bronners's)
1 TB olive oil
6-10 drops lavender oil or tea tree oil
1 cup water

I love it. Works great, smells good, I know what's in it.
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I love using cloth wipes.  I feel like I can get my baby so much cleaner...maybe it's because the cotton has texture?  I make my own diaper spray using this concentrate, but the other posts with recipes are great too (or just plain water).  When I must, I carry a pouch of Sev Gen baby wipes, but I don't like the smell.  I also find that some disposable wipes are a little too soapy.  Whenever I travel, I always bring my cloth wipes and diaper spray...that's how much I love them!   Overall, I've found that I prefer cloth to just about anything else -- cloth napkins vs paper napkins, dish towels vs paper towels, cloth diapers vs disposables, etc., etc.

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Our midwife recommended kleenex/toilet paper moistened with bath/massage oil.  I use throwaway wipes but if the poop is a little bit dried on, a piece of toilet paper with oil on it gets it off much easier without having to scrub delicate skin too hard.  They also recommend it if poop has gotten inside the lips of the vagina instead of throwaway wipes...

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