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did your bra size change while bf'ing bc of weight loss?

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My ds is now 4mths and I'm finally shedding the lbs. I've been wearing 40D since he was born but now that I'm losing weight I'm wondering if the boobs will go to and I'll have to size down?

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Mine shrank as my baby weight came off, but it took about a year. So it might have been a combo of losing weight and baby starting solids. Sorry, it is hard to remember the specifics.
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I was a DD with my daughter the entire time I nursed. Then, once I weaned I went down to a D. With my son, I went down pretty quickly to a D (was a DD when my milk first came in). Now, since I’ve lost weight (down 20 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight), my boobs are even smaller and I suspect I’m a full C. I bought a new bra at 36D and realized there is a whole lotta room in there so I think I’ll be buying C’s from now on. I never thought I’d see a C again and boy am I happy about it!
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Yeah I had 40 E when I started BFing and now at 1 year I'm down to a 36C. I'm so sad that I bought such nice quality nursing bra's early on(what a waste of cash) However I am ecstatic about my new shape.
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my boob size stayed almost exactly the same until i got pregnant 8 months in. thats when my milk supply went down. (i was EPing) and when i completely stopped at 10 months, my boobs are just a tad bit smaller than pre-pregnancy - more of a deflated 34B as opposed to a nice, full 34B.

:: pats boobies:: sorry girls
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My boobs changed. I was a 36DD after my milk came in, and was down to a 32D at about 12 months. From that point mostly just my boobs shrank, until when I weaned my DD at 30 months I was a 32B/C. Even if you just lose weight your band size will probably change, so you should go to get re-fitted every few months just to check...
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for me they did shrink as the weight came off. I was a 36E/DD 6wks pp, now at 8 months pp I'm 30lbs below my prebaby weight and I think I'm a 32C or D, depending on if I'm full or empty
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I think that for some, the size decreases because the breasts get more
"efficient" and store less milk (but make more during a feeding).
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I was 34B/36B pre-pregnancy. When my millk came in, I went up to 40C, boy was I surprised! I got 3 nursing bras at 40C in the beginning and kept wearing them even though they became looser eventually. My favorites were nursing tanks with shelf bras - wore these daily for months. So I didn't have to worry about sizing so much.
My DD is now 17 mo and nursing 1-2x per day, and my weight is almost back to pre-preg (darn those last 5 lbs!). I wear my pre-pregnancy bras again fine.
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I'm almost 5 months PP and got back to my prepreg weight about a month ago (I'm on a restricted diet b/c of her food intolerances, working from home and taking care of dd). Pre preg I was a loose 34B and by 20 weeks I was a 36D, which jumped to DD when my milk came in. As of a month ago, I am a 34C. Keep in mind DD is still EBF and has gained weight great the whole time.
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