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How do you stay organized?

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We have tons of reports from various doctors with regard to our son. How do you keep them organized and together? Dh and I are both ADHD - organization isn't our strong suit. We have reports scattered throughout the house. Whenever we need to provide information, it's a mad dash to find things.

Do you have a solid way of keeping things together?
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Well, it could range from an ultra-organized computer software program where you scan everything in and orgranize it by date and specialist...to just a large 3-ring binder that you put everything in in date order. For you, I'd recommend the latter! Just have a big binder that you can put reports in. It takes literally 2 second to punch holes and stick the reports in. Then, when you need something, you can have a general idea of the time period of the report, and just flip pages until you find what you're looking for.

There are also companies that will scan and organize medical records for you, you have to pay a monthly membership, but it might be worth looking into. Let me see if I can find the links for you. I looked into it once.
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I like the 3 ring binder idea. I'm a geek so the software also sounds like a great idea too. Maybe I can do both and use the latter as a backup.

I know that MedicAlert Gold scans and tracks medical records. I considered using it for myself (I have a chronic disease and have to wear a medicalert bracelet).
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Something like this. You can pay a fee for them to load the records for you. There was another one that I found once where you sign a release everytime you see a dr so the records from that appt are sent directly to the company who uploads them to the thumb drive for you. When you plug the thumb drive into your computer, it automatically updates.
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My husband scans them. Then the important stuff goes in a three ring binder by Speciality (Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical Therapy, IEP, Urologist, Pediatrician etc).

Some here will then put the records on a thumb drive. That way they can take it with them to their appointments in case info from another Doc is needed.

FWIW - My husband is Bipolar II. This has been the best way for us to keep track of the medical records.
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We have a protocol folder for ER, dr appts, etc. I have his protocol letter in the front, then anesthesia protocol, then genetic diagnosis results, then muscle biopsy full report with pictures, then labs from the last 9 months (usually I only keep about 6 months in there, but sometimes I like to keep them longer), weight/height chart, and then various sundry stuff. That's what I carry around at all times (it sure beats carrying around all his medical records) and it's the most vital stuff.

I have ADD (hurray for adderall) and I suck at organizing things like that and keeping them organized, but I have never had a problem with this folder. I guess it's just important enough that I can keep it up without problems once I got it all sorted out.
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These are all great suggestions everyone! Thanks!

Mother - your child has an anesthesia protocol? I have one too - I have systemic mastocytosis.
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Originally Posted by SpottedFoxx View Post
These are all great suggestions everyone! Thanks!

Mother - your child has an anesthesia protocol? I have one too - I have systemic mastocytosis.
I have a friend with mastocytosis. From what I hear it's fairly rare. I didn't know there was anesthesia stuff involved.

My kid has Mito and his anesthesia options are limited, so we have one for that.
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I've never heard of Mito.

Masto is very rare. Anasthesia can trigger a mast cell event so there are precautions that must be taken.
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i do 3 ring binders - one for labs and one for school stuff.

for labs, i use dividers and order them for blood, urine, stool, misc and in each section i put them first to last with most recent on top. my school binder just goes from first to last, with most recent on top.

i also keep a regular large monthly calendar that i hang on the fridge. there i record whenever we start any new med (antibiotics, seizure meds, suppelements, etc), when we complete them and also record anything notable - seizure increase, vomit, weird poop, etc. i keep these calendars and can look back to see if there is anything notable over time.

i used to try to do electronic stuff on my smartphone, but found it wasn't reliable enough and information was randomly deleted.
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3 ring binder. I organize everything into clear folders inside it and then hole punch older stuff. 2 of my kids have IEPs and I have a clear folder for each that thier current ones stay in then organize everything else in there by date and special reports and evaluations get thier own area. But EVERYTHING is in the 3 ring binder.
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Thanks everyone!
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