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birth and babies

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Hi Jaime,

I've always wanted a large number of children, but after actually going through the experience, I have adjusted my goal to three, plus, I'm going to be 36 in a week! I had to have a c-section for daughter number one and I really want to birth vaginally for the second and third. So, My question revolves around the future of my births and babies...can you give me a synopsis of what that looks like? I'm trying to figure out what provider to work with, even though I haven't even tried to get pregnant yet! I'm also curious about how many more and what sexes! Wow...I'm getting really excited thinking about it...I love kids!
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Cute name! And sounds like it's true. Kids do rock!

I do see exactly two more children for you. One boy and one more girl.
I do think you will Vbac. I see it in the hospital for your 2nd and at home for your third. I see no issues related to pregnancy or birth. I think you will get your perfect size family that you dream of!

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