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Moving to Houston and need advice

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My husband just took a job in Houston and we will be moving as soon as school gets out for the summer. We are looking in the Sugar Land and Missouri City areas.

I have a million questions but I'll start with preschool. My 4year old has been going to a morning preschool and we would like to find something similar. What do 4 year olds do in Houston?
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Want to say welcome!. I have a 3 year old and live in Sugarland. Its a great area. We really love it here. We have an AP yahoo group and a babywearing group here in Sugar land. There aren't a ton of us but we all get along really well.

Not much help in the way of school since my son is just starting to attend this year. He will be attending Shady Oaks in richmond in the fall. Kinda of a drive but we like the school. There are a number of schools in the sugarland area it just depends on what type you are looking for. Also a number of the churchs in the area do Moms Days Out Programs.
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I live in West Houston and we have sent our kids to a few montessori schools here. I know there is at least one in Sugar Land, but I don't remember the name of it. You can probably google it and find out. Good luck!
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Hi! I'm also in Sugar Land. My older boys both attended School for Little Children, which is a mother's day out program - at 4 you can go up to 5 days a week, or as few as 2-3. The normal hours are 9-12 and you can add 12-2pm on any days or set of days you want. We were pretty happy with the program there, but don't have experience with others.

There are definitely some Montessoris in the area, but I have no first-hand experience with them, either. A friend used one and wasn't as happy with it as she hoped, but I am not even quite sure which it was!
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