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He needs to be able to use his bicycle but I don't feel that I can allow him to when I can't trust him to take safety measures.
Can he walk these places instead of ride?

I would find out exactly what the law states. Here we have the helments under the age of 16 law & if a child is caught riding without a helment the PARENTS are fined.
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I will be following this closely. My FOUR YEAR OLD is the only kid I've seen with a bike helmet around here. One of the many, many reasons we have to move - if we don't, my kid is going to be the weird kid.
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My ds just turned 17,and refused to wear a helmet when he turned 16,our states legal age- I HATE IT but he won't budge. My dh,who does wear a helmet,just says he'd like to force it, but it just isn't a war we want to fight-And war it would be....
I want to,but the reality is son is very independent now, he rides his bike for hours every week-and the once or twice I considered banning it b/c of the helmet,he just hung out doing nothing,so I chose allowing him to decide this. I want him to wear one but realistically we never had to when I was younger....well,you know
We haven't stopped trying to convince him of the good reasons to wear one, but a lot of people bike in our town,and most of them aren't wearing helmets either....
The reality is, ds sits around doing nothing,or goes biking,and does his own errands happily. always wishing I could just force it,but life isn't always so simple.
In so many other ways,ds is such a good kid,and compliant with all our house rules,but this one thing seems to be such a huge deal for him right now
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