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can someone please help with my Janome Juno 3434D serger?

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I have the Janome Juno 3434D serger. I got it about 1.5 years ago, and have really enjoyed it. Until about 4 days ago. The bottom looper thread guide right under/beside the needles becomes magically unthreaded. It is also not making the "loops", as in it does the straight stiches but no actual serging -- NO loops. It's the weirdest thing.

I've changed both needles, totally rethreaded it about 25 times, cleaned it out, used canned air, etc. -- everything I can think of, and it's still coming unthreaded and never making loops.

Anyone have any suggestions for me??? Pretty please??
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breathe, be calm, and thread it very slowly upper and lower loopers and then the needle thread, make sure the thread is in the tension disc and every guide and try again.
i had a similar frustration with my sewing machine and thought it was broken until i finally figured out how i was missing a catch in the threadpath.
i hope you can figure out your issue and that your machine isnt broken!
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I am having problems with my Janome 3434D also.  I needed to chang thread color 3 days ago and the darn thing now makes a very loose/loopy stitch.  I have rethreaded MANY times, and it is threaded correctly.  I have adjusted the tension, stitch length, differential feed, every thing I can think of.  When I purchased it in January it worked beautifuly and I was very pleased, now I am most disgusted.  I called a local fabric shop that teaches classes on surgers and was told that they will not service or help anyone with a Janome!  They said they have a real problem with threading these machines and they take to much class time to allow anyone with one to join any class! 


So now I have a real lemon on my hands.  I certainly will not reccomend this product to anyone!



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DO a web search.  There are several places where sewing machine/serger techs will answer questions for you. Also, sewing.patternreview.com/SewingDiscussions has a lot of serger info.


Felicia - don't judge your machine by your local fabric shop. Just because they are not well trained on a Janome does not mean it is a piece of junk.  They simply don't know how to use it.  Check with other shops, reference the above ideas, or go to Janome's web site and find a dealer in your area.

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I owe a tailoring and alteration store. I use 3 sergers 3434D and they work just grate. I studied this sergers and I found that the mistake everybody make when thread this serger is the order of threading. So, if you want to get a right threading of this kind of serger is first: thread number 1 (lower loop); 2: upper looper thread, and than last two thread for needles. NOTE: during threading operation, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER turn the handweel (purple pulley) 360 degrees. Make sure that you thread the serger without to move as much the purple pulley. I hope that all my instructions will help you.


I am not an American, so, please, excuse my English.

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I have no problem with my serger at all.  I did struggle at first with threading the lower looper correctly where it goes under the needle plate, but now that I know how to do it, the machine works wonderfully. 


Check here (It's a Janome forum):  http://content.janome.com/fusetalk/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=15&threadid=4306&enterthread=y


Here is a place to download the manual (read the posts before downloading)



Once the machine is properly threaded, the best thing to do when changing the thread color is to do the following:

1) turn the tension dials to 0

2) pull the thread chain all the way through till you just have threads coming through the needles and there isn't any more chaining for 4-5 inches

3) cut the chain part off

4) snip the old thread right above the spool

5) tie the new thread on with a single knot

6) remove the two needle threads from the eye of the needle

7) and then pull the new thread right through the same path the old thread was in


All you have to do after that is re-thread the needles.  It's a lot faster and less frustrating than trying to thread all 4 pathways every time you change the thread or load a new spool


I hope this helps.  sewmachine.gif



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I'm having the same exact issue. I tied new thread to the 4 existing (which I have done multiple times) and now my lower looper is not staying threaded and the loops are either totally loose or it completely stops looping at all.

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