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What am I not seeing?

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Hello Jamie, thank you for this opportunity.

I am all but convinced that something is off in regards to the health of my three youngest children. They just don't seem right and have pain that doesn't make sense. I trust my mother's intuition that something is wrong, but have no idea what it is and need help knowing where to start looking.

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I am really stuck on your question. It just hasn't been coming to me. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I'll be back to try again, I keep trying. I just haven't really seen anything yet and I've been stuck b/c I believe in your Mothers Intuition.
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I am not seeing a physical cause. Aside from some growing pains. Other than that I think your children are just very sensitive to energy. It's very common with children today. They are very special little beings and they are sensitive to the world around them. So knowing that I encourage you to make sure you home atmosphere is very soothing. I see that burning pure lavender oil will be good. I think that teaching them some calming meditation, yoga techniques to relieve aches and pains will be beneficial as well as soothe their emotions. Also, clutter in the house really affects them. It makes them feel a little crazy. One of your children really needs a good dose of sunshine on a regular basis and some digging in the dirt. Feels like one of the twins. One child, your daughter, does not handle sugar or white flour well, that's what bothers her stomach. And just as an extra FYI, I'm hearing that Waldorf is a good design of schooling for them. That was just being thrown in for good measure I guess. lol
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