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Must tell someone!

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So, my DH and I are very open about our email. We often go into each others email accounts and I totally stumbled upon an email that sounded like they (my friends in cahoots with my DH) were planning a surprise baby shower for me! And I can't tell anyone because, obviously, I'm not supposed to know...and I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets...so I'm spilling the beans here...I'm super excited about it...good thing I can act.
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How fun! And how sweet of your DH! Hope you don't have to keep the secret for long and have a wonderful shower!
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Haha fun! What a great DH and group of friends! Hope it all goes well and they don't ever find out you already knew.
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Aww that is so sweet of your dh and friends!!
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hey that's handy. if you have any details you REAAAAAALLLLLLY want, you can make sure they're included by dropping random hints!
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cloth diaper cake cloth diaper cake cloth diaper cake
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I like the hint dropping.....yay for a cloth diaper cake.
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Originally Posted by prone_to_wander View Post
I like the hint dropping.....yay for a cloth diaper cake.
Mine arrived today from etsy.. it is BOOTIFUL!

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Well...We had it today! And it was awesome. My friends all made me birth beads out of fimo that I'll take with me to the hospital. And we painted lovely little onsies for the baby. Such artist friends I have. They also found someone who could henna my stomach as a blessing. And my friend who is a writer wrote the most wonderful children's book about the baby. It made me cry. It was wonderful! I'm still dying to tell my DH that I know...but I think he'd be disappointed. So I'm keeping it to myself. Thanks for letting me share my happiness. (and secrets!)
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awww how sweet!!! and that sounds like such a fun shower too!!
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This sounds like a such a special shower. Right from the heart! I love surprises, you must have a very sweet husband.
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What a wonderful shower!!
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