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we actually never made it to chicago for our second pride (but we are thinking about going to toledo in august, and staying with my folks on the way) because we had car troubles and then DP couldn't find anyone to cover her shift at work. oh well. We're probably going to a second one anyways.

DSIL and I were chatting about how many kids we wanted and I told her that DP is trying now and we have a donor that looks like me picked out and then I want to start trying. I said all we need is to find a donor that looks like DP so the babies have a chance of looking a like. She said "why not just use DP's Bro?" Very exciting stuff! Just need to decide when I want to start trying.
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Hey all! I hope the summer is treating everyone well. The busy pace of warm weather seasons is a great contrast to the long dwelt upon winter of TTC.

bunnies, you still lurkin here? How's things with you and DP and your bfp?

smilingsara, that's really great for you to find out you can use DPs brother as a donor. There are so many wonderful benefits to doing that for a lot of people, and especially cost effective bonuses when he's nearby. Although I have 3 brothers myself, it would just never be the right option for us, but I think it's cool when other queer parents can take advantage of such an arrangement. So how long do you think you will wait after DP has another baby before you start trying?

It's been a month full of celebrating pride for many of us, and it's great to know that there are queer parents out there setting a loud and proud example. We had a little milestone of our own....our small city had it's second pride parade ever, and my conservative catholic mom (who hasn't always been very accepting) marched with us! It was very cool to have her there. It's been a challenge for my mother and I since I came out over a decade ago. The fact that she was willing to be in the parade does wonders to allay my fears about how she will accept a grandbaby that I did not give birth to.

Just a few more days before we insem again. We are very refreshed and optimistic, and I reitterate that taking a break was just the thing we needed after the MC. I think that if we do get a BFP (in just over 2 weeks!) I will have a hard time letting myself enjoy it for fear we will lose the baby again. I assume this is somewhat normal after a loss.....anyone have any suggestions on what helped them embrace the joy of a BFP following a loss without letting the fear inhibit the positive experience?
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So here I am in the TWW....we insemmed on Friday morning. Everything went as well as could be expected when you're standing there as some guy knocks up your wife, lol. doctor performed the IUI....it worked the first time so hopefully the equation has repeatability because we did everything the same as last time. Same donor, same drugs, same doc, same timing....sounds like a BFP to me! Manifesting reality! Although the dr did make some off comment about how he hopes we get a live baby this time. He means well......
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jen - sounds like a perfect insem! i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'll!!

~ sarah
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Thanks abeecharmer! We will gladly take all the finger-crossing and baby dust offered! By the way, just out of curiousity, is your name related to the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"?
How are the twins? have you had a second ultrasound yet?
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well i decided (yesterday) regardless of DP being pregnant or not, I want to start trying in october. which means if she gets knocked up in september (thats the next time we're trying) and I get knocked up in october, we're going to have two tiny little babies very close to one another! could make for lots and lots of fun! I'm excited!
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abeecharmer: Congrats on your twins! I'm glad to hear that you two are planning to co-breastfeed the twins! Best of luck and Oh, and great ultrasound pics.

smilingsara: Good luck with both of you ttc! That's what Sonj and I were originally going to do. I also though about being a surrogate for my aunt while Sonja was pregnant. We decided against it though. So are you planning to ask DP's bro for his goods?

jenmostoften: for your BFP!!!

AFU: I just saw the baby kick from the outside for the first time yesterday!! It was so weird and cool!!
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well we were trying to come up with the best way to ask BIL and his wife for his goods. DP and her bro are very close, so she asked him and he had no problem being the donor (he was for DP's ex too). So when we were all camping in Missouri last month, SIL offered her hubby's (DP's bro) goods, because she heard how we had to save to afford sperm. So yeah, he's going to donate and I'm really excited because that's going to give all of the bittie's a chance to look alike! DP is Seraf, she's posting lots in Trying to Conceive July and so forth, if anyone wants to read along to her side of our silliness!

Now I just have to figure out how to tell my parents... any suggestions?!

I so cannot wait for more bitties to be running (and crawling) around here!
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Test Day!

Well the TWW has kind of flown by for me. I hardly obsessed this go round which is awesome. DP got blood drawn this morning (she doesn't bother POAS) and we should get the results tomorrow, hopefully the first half Today has been the longest day EVER! Work dragged on forever, and now it's dinnertime, but i feel like the evening will never be over. But on the other hand, a tiny part of me says "I can keep imagining it's a BFP as long as I don't know it's not"

abeecharmer - I cant get the u/s pics to open on this silly computer, I will try from work. I wanna see! It's been about a month I think since you were shocked to discover it was twins, has it set in yet? Have you and DP told your families? Are you stopping at 3 kids?

erthe mama - that's so neat that you saw the baby move! I can imagine it might be a little weird and amazing. I am so happy for you! Is the baby moving around a ton and driving your DP crazy?

Hopefully you all will be reading some exciting news from me tomorrow, if DP doesn't beat me to it and post it on the QC thread.
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OMG, it's a BFP!!!

I find myself being far more emotionally guarded this time, but I am cautiously optimistic, and on that note, the hCG is 74 this time, which a little higher than the initial level of our last BFP. So more bloodwork tomorrow. I sure hope we see that number doubling plus some!!
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Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!!
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oh my god! congratulations!!!!!!

wishing you two a happy and healthy pregnancy!

~ sarah
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many congrats!!!!
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My friend K. (a woman) is the non-pregnant expecting mom in their marriage--I think her wife is due in December. She's been blogging about the experience--here's the link:

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OMG - Sarah! I totally hear you! H was... hmm, how to put it nicely? A bear! through the last four months of pregnancy! We moved when she was seven months along and I did the entire move with absolutely no help from her at all! We are normally a very 50/50 household with everything, so it was a huge, huge change! She was snappy and tired and short tempered and cranky and tearful! Yowsa!
I wish I had some helpful advice for you other than grin and bear it, but that's really all there is to do! I will tell you, however, that it is absolutely, completely, totally, 100% worth it and I would jump up and down with joy to be able to do it again right now if it meant another wonderful baby at the end!

Sorry it's rough! You're not alone!
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I'm a non-bio mom to a three and a half year old bundle of energy.  DP has been on the boards for a few years and I have been looking over her shoulder every now and then.  I am a lurker more than anything.  I think I read through this thread 3 times trying to figure out who everyone was.  DP is preggers again and this time it wasn't so easy.  For DS we insemed at home and it stuck first try.  I couldn't believe it.  There is something to be said about fresh sperm.  This go around was not so easy.  DP had 2 mc this year and so we are very cautious when we tell people (not that we have told a whole lot).  These next few weeks are the hardest and DP is very sick (nvdp).  I am hoping for this to ease up a little when we enter the 2nd tri.  I am experiencing  Couvade Syndrome so it's been fun.  

 DP works ft and I work pt 3rd shift.  I take care of the little one.  I am hoping to try to bf this one.  DP hates to pump.  I used lact-aid for DS and it worked out great.  I used it until he was almost 2.   Although I think starting the process will be hard being able to bf will be easier in the long run especially if this LO loves to nurse like DS does.  In fact he still asks.  

DP got pregnant first because she is older and I have a genetic bleeding disorder.  Hemophilia factor VIII to be specific.  DP is scared to death that I would have complications at birth and worried to have a Hemo (severe).  Although I am still young and have a few years I think there is still a lot of discussion that needs to happen before we even approach our KD.  

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