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itchy breast!

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okay, I am 4 weeks pp and the underside of my breasts are red and super itchy. The left is a little worse than the right. (i think my son might be favoring that side so that could explain the difference)
The redness seems to kind of follow the pattern of all these lovely new stretch marks so I'm wondering if the itch is just my angry skin. It looks and feels similar to where my belly stretched in my last trimester.

I've been reading about thrush and mastitis but I don't have a fever, my breasts don't seem warmer than usual, I do have periodic shooting aches through them (especially the left side), the left side seems slightly more engorged than the right, my sons mouth isn't showing any signs of thrush, I do have a bit of a yeast infection right now.

any words of wisdom?
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Yeast infection = thrush. I would treat as thrush. I don't see any downside to treating and if it is thrush it could get alot worse.
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Oh yeah, I'd treat is as thrush for sure! Make sure to wash your bras and undies in hot vinegar water. Also if you cloth diaper make sure you put vinegar in the diaper wash too. I use GSE and coconut oil to treat thrush Works nicely. Oh and baby-dophilus (sp). My baby and I actually have thrush right now Seems to be plaguing us lately!~
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Sounds yeasty to me, too. Yeast and fungus can grow lots of places- in the mouth is thrush, on the toes is athlete's foot, etc. And, it can grow other places on the skin (maybe your breasts are more warm/moist than usual?). One thing that might help is to slather on some plain yogurt, let it sit for a while, then rinse. I've treated vaginal yeast infections by applying yogurt with a dropper. I've cured athlete's foot by peeing on my feet. So, there are lots of remedies that may work, and there's tons of anti-fungal medications, too.
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The itchy boob happens alot when breastfeeding due to a bit larger breasts and a lot more moister. I promise all it is , is yeast. monastat over the counter or nystatin from your doctor . dont put wher the babie will get it in his mouth . iv had it twice once with both kids. after you clear it up stay clean dry and wash your bra in hot water a small amount of corn starch will prevent it in the first place . dont let baby inhale to much corn starch dust as with any powder you dont want baby to breath in very much.
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ooops i ment where the baby will not get in mouth!!!!!! sorry about that
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mine were itchy for weeks and weeks, would drive me crazy. was similar to them itching during pregnancy when they'd get big. it stopped when my supply settled and now only itches if my daughter goes too  long without eating and i get engorged. i never used anything on them for it.

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When this happens I dip my breasts in warm water mind with aple cider vinegar. Every couple hours. Has always helped me! It's no fun hope your feeling better soon!!
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The exact same thing is happening to me!  I think it's post-partum PUPPS (pregnancy rash).Im going to ask he doc about it on Monday though.  I'll post back here.

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