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AUGUST Mama's (Mar. 6-15)

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Here we all are:

ketilave - - July 31 - 3 - 3 - - Home birth
JodiM - Jodi - Aug 1 - 8 - 5 – - VBAC Hospital
Leah W. – Leah - Aug 1 – 2 - 2 - - undecided
madrone - Tiff - Aug 2 - 4 - 2 - - Home UC
thebipper - - Aug 2- 2- 2 – -
Thundersweet – Sandy - Aug 2 – 2 – 2 – -
Sweets - - Aug 2 – 2 – 2 – - Home birth
apmamma - Traci - Aug 3 - 2 - 2 – will - Hospital CNMW
klsabin - Katje - Aug 4 - 6 - 4 - - Home
Bearsmama - - Aug 5 - 2 - 2 – will not -
Josephsmommy – Angela – Aug 6 – 3 – 2 - - Hospital
ilovebeingamom - Melissa - Aug 7 - 2 - 2 – - Home or Hosp
Mamapajama – Michelle - Aug 7 – 2 – 2 - Birth center CNMW
mama-meg - Megan - Aug 8 - 1 - 1 - - Birth center
naturegirl - Cheryl - Aug 10 - 2 - 1 - - Home birth
Kim - Kim - Aug 12 - 3 - 2 – - Home birth
nmm2112 – Nicole – Aug 12 – 2 – 2 - -
trishshack - Trish - Aug 13 - 3 - 3 - - Hospital
Jillybean - Jill - Aug 13 - 2 - 2 - - Birth center
jenniferB - jenn - Aug 13 - 2 - 2 - - Hospital
cassiemommy – Aflora - Aug 13 – 4 – 2 - ? - Hospital
TEAK's Mom - Karen - Aug 17 - 2 - 2 - - Home birth
Got Milk? - - Aug 17 - 6 - 3 - - Hospital
juju – Julie - Aug 18 – 3 – 3 - - Home birth
TinyBabyBean – Leslie – Aug 19 – 6 – 5 - - Home UC
christeenbeeny - Christine - Aug 20 - 2 - 2 – will - Hospital
girlfactory - Terri - Aug 20 - 4 - 4 - - Home Mw
frognladybugmama - Heather - Aug 21 - 3 - 3 – - Hospital
Hannah's Mom – Monica - Aug 21 – 2 – 2 - - Hospital CNM VBAC
mat4mel - Mel - Aug 23 - 5 - 4 – will - Home birth
GiraffeLovin'Mama - Chris - Aug 24 - Surrogate - Has 4 - - Hospital
Myjo - - Aug 25 - 3 - 3 - - Homebirth midwife
Dodo - - Aug 26 - 2 - 2 - - Clinic or home
LizaBear - - Aug 27 - 3 - 2 - - homebirth
davidsmama - - - 4 - 1 - - Hospital CNMW
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Ketilave: You were asking about movement on the last thread. So far (at 17wks) I am feeling general tightening and small movements (kicks) on the sides and bottom. It is so nice to feel!

Otherwise, it is kind of strange to feel the baby move from one side to the other. My tummy looks lop-sided sometimes.

Found some cool maternity things at Mimi Maternity on clearance tonight. Soooo cute. Beautiful silk cargo pants for $9! And it was fun to try on the foam "belly" as I'm not showing yet (grrr -- just looking wider and bloated). Can't wait to wear the new stuff!
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Hi Everyone,
I've been a bit MIA this week. DS is sick with some kind of nasty stomach bug. I am trying to keep myself well, but all I want to do is be close to him b/c he's so needy and snuggly. I just hope I don't get it.

I have been spending some time online, however, but I usually try to wait until I have some real time to check in with my favorite pregnant ladies. DH and I are interested in getting away on a little family vacation before #2 arrives, so I've been doing some research. We thought, hey, what a better time to spend $$ we don't have! Just kidding, but for some reason we are really into going away-even more so than when DH HAD a job! Looking into the Outer Banks, NC. Anyone have experience here??? I know it's a little OT...

Anyway, I am ballooning. I have my little paunch that I just can't get rid of since DS was born, so I'm not sure that my stomach actually looks pregnant, but the rest of me does! Went to Old Navy and got a pair of basic black pants. They have some really cute stuff, but the maternity is more expensive than the rest of their clothes are. Also, there's nothing on sale right now b/c we are right at beginning of Spring as far as the stores are concerned. I have a friend who has gotten $1.99 shirts at Old Navy, but I didn't luck out...

Ketilave-As far as movement goes, I feel little bubbles, and definitely small kicks and maybe flips. Sort of gas-like, but I know a bit better this time around. I sometimes *think* I feel it farther up into my abdomen, and then I think that the little guys CAN'T be that big yet!!

Feelng very tired and trying to sneak in naps lately when DS is napping. Also, still having my slight barfy feelings upon awakening, and lots of hunger pangs! Other than that, I've been feeling okay...

Anyway, sorry I didn't reply to all the posts. Please know that I LOVE checking in here and hearing about all of your pregnancies and sharing mine with you... Sleep well!
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Blah, I thought I was over this throwing up stuff. I had gone almost two weeks and now yesterday morning and tonight I am at it again. My mw says I should be gaining a little more weight than I have. (Especially since I started underweight.) This throwing up is stressing me out. How am I supposed to gain weight if I can't keep my food down?:

I also wonder about the movement. This is my first and I am almost 18 weeks and nothing. Well, nothing definitive. I know it may take me another 3-4 weeks but I want to feel the baby NOW! (Because of this it will probably take me 5 weeks! Patience is a virtue right?)

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naturegirl - with pg 1 and 2 I lost 13 and 17lbs. and didn't gain an ounce back until 19 weeks. Your weight is not important as long as you measure in the right ranges and your baby is growing well. This week I have been pretty queasy too and even got sick once - sorry to not be more comforting!!

I have been messing with the baby and I don't get any response. No big kicks or anything like that...I had some a week ago so now I am just all worked up. My u/s is tomorrow and I just don't have good vibes about it.

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Hi everyone, decided to check in---I read these posts quite regularly and never really updated you on whats happening with us. I am now in my 17th wk and so far, have not felt any definite movements yet. So far so good this time around, but I did get a little worried last wk when my sister told me that her future SIL just miscarried and she was due 2 days before me. I asked my MD about it and he said that the most common reason for MC at this stage is an incompetent cervix and mine seems to be very strong at this point. Anyways, besides for this little worrisome thought, the only symptom I've been having and having still is this incredible fatigue! I work FT outside of home and it seems like mid-morning and mid-afternoon, there's a 20-30min stretch where all I want to do is lay down. I hope that I can get over this soon since this is the 2nd trimester. I don't remember being this tired with DD! Oh, and I do want to share that we went outlet shopping a couple of weeks ago and I got a couple of nice corduroy maternity pants for less than $10 each (around here, they're $50 and up) and at the GAP outlet, found several mat. dresses and a skirt for $1.99 each! Can't wait until the weather here gets warmer so that I can wear my new fancy wardrobe!
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I sometimes *think* I feel it farther up into my abdomen, and then I think that the little guys CAN'T be that big yet!!
I thought I read through all the old posts when I came back, but I didn't know you were expecting twins! Or maybe it was a misspelling? Fill me in!
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KIM-BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!! I've always been a bit scared of havinng twins, so this was a BIG misspelling! Or a Freudian slip...:

Cassie-Seems like with any pregnancy we are ALL worried about possible m/c or other issues. It's like the burden we take on when we get preggers or something. I'm sure it's worriesome to you. Just take a deep breath and have some faith...
Oh, and thank you for reminding me of the Gap Outlet. During my first pregnancy I got a few really cuteand really cheap things there. The only one even remotely close to us is about a 1-hour drive, but it may be worth it.

Ketilave-Ahh, we are all just so anxious! I completely understand. And now that I've felt some movement, when I DON'T feel it I get worried. My u/s is this Friday. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and try to BREATHE...

Naturegirl-Sorry to hear that you are again gettiung sick. What a pain! If you are still vomiting and continuiing to lose, I'm sure there might be some advice your mw could give you. If it's any consolation, I have a friend (who I've mentioned before) who was seriously sick with m/s thru out her whole pregnancy and she had a very healthy baby girl! (AND she lost weight, too).

We just booked our vacation in mid-May. Rates are always better a little bit before peak season. I am sooo looking forward to it....

Hope you all have a great day. DS is still having lots of diarrhea, so this bug has not passed thru his system yet. SO, I think we'll be holed up inside today. Funny how DS never got very sick before I started cutting way back on the nursing????
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Sorry Bears! Didn't mean to scare you!
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Kim-Just a little scare... But I guess I'll see for sure this Friday at my u/s appointment...
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oh, ketilave! i'm sorry you're having the anxious-mommy blues. remember how little this baby is! the arms and legs are just little sticks now, not with much muscle yet... that baby's probably moving, but just can't really register yet through your strong, thick uterine walls.

i feel little slippy motions now and again (mostly when i'm lying still, on my right side) but i'm trying not to stress if i don't feel anything when i want to. i'm 20 weeks tomorrow, this is my fourth pregnancy, and i sorta wish i was feeling more movement by now... but i still have the hormones raging through me, i can feel how high my fundus is, i'm still exhausted... so i know this kid is sending plenty of other signals that s/he is doing just fine.

you know what's going to be funny... is that in ten weeks, we'll all be like "man! i wish this kid would stop kicking when i'm trying to sleep!"

poor naturegirl... it will get better! just don't feel guilty for snarfing the ben&jerry's if that's all you can keep down.... your baby won't be too picky about nutrients for the moment, honest. there were a few weeks there where my diet was probably 50% protein shakes. my heart goes out to you... and i hope it eases up soon!

it's been a lazy weekend for me so far. all the windows are open so we can air the house out, we catching up on the laundry, all the kids are out visiting friends... so it's quiet and i didn't have to chase down any of the sunday paper this morning! my sweetie and i watched "insomnia" last night... i was a little concerned that it might give me nightmares but it actually was a great film and i slept well afterwards (boy, can robin williams be creepy when he wants to be! brrr!).

i remember about halfway through my first pregnancy, my mom wanted to see a film of margaret atwood's "the handmaid's tale." this was NOT a good film to see in pregnancy! bad bad bad... what blows me away is that she KNEW the story, and still took me to see it! (i was clueless... NO idea what it was about). so now i'm actually pretty picky about what images i see in pregnancy. anyone else have to tone down their visuals while gravid?

thanks for starting a new thread, kim... wonder how madrone's doing?

hugs to all,

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A quick question for everyone...Is it normal to have discharge? I have been having some milky, white discharge off and on. Mostly when I go to the bathroom but it does happen "spontaneously" too. I know a few of you have said that you have to wear pantyliners to keep dry. Mine isn't "wet" as much as it is kind of eggwhitey. That's the best I can describe it. No weird odors or anything...

Bears, I thought you were having twins too.

Kate, how scary! It is so rare to lose a baby after the first trimester. Never the less, we still manage to worry alot when we hear about it. I am sure you will be fine.

Ketilave, I would try to not worry about the movement. From what I understand the baby can move around a lot and was probably just in an optimum position for you to feel and has moved since, making it harder. I am sure he/she is doing flips and twirls in there all the time! Good luck with the u/s.

Oh and I have gained some weight, just not very much. And I do measure right on, actually a little big (19 weeks at 17 1/2) so I guess I should just stop worrying about it...(Easier said than done: )

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Nature-We've talked a bit on here about discharge. It is completely normal as long as it isn't greenish or foul-smelling. Mine has let up at this point, but I think I rememer having to always remember the panty liner towards the end of my 1st pregnancy. My discharge was sometimes white and milky and sometimes it was like ovulation discharge-more egg-whitey. Has to do with hormone levels.

Hope that helps (and wasn't TMI!)
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Thanks Bears, that's what I thought.

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Bears, I think that the whole Western hemisphere is being affected by a rotavirus outbreak. Almost every two-year-old I know locally has been affected in the past couple of weeks. It seems as though every two-year-old whose mother frequents this board has had it. I heard that it's of crisis proportions in Jamaica. All this to say that dd had it last week. It was her first illness as a weanling. Now that it's over I want to scrub the house down, but I don't have the energy.

Speaking of scrubbing, today I forced myself to tackle the fridge and the bathroom, because I couldn't stand how they smelt, only to discover that they still smelled bad to my discerning nose after I cleaned them. Isn't that crazy? I have decided that I can no longer go to houses where children are in diapers because I can't stomach the diaper pail. This wasn't a problem with my first pregnancy, because I didn't know anyone with kids.

I have been craving beef, which I don't eat, due to mad-cow concerns, and I finally decided to cave in and go out for a burger. When I got to the restaurant, I saw that they had added bison burgers to their menu, which someone had recommended as a good alternative to beef, so I tried it, but I hated it. Dh ate it while I ordered a plain burger. Food is so important to me right now and so challenging that I almost cried when I realized that I had ordered the "wrong" thing.

I have been invited to a party requiring "elegant" dress. I'll be about eighteen weeks along. What should I wear? I was complaining about a prematurely large belly earlier, but now think that that was due to bloating, because now my look is definitely spare-tire -- could be pregnant, could be packing on the pounds. I don't think that there could be a more awkward time, pregnancy-wise, to dress nicely. Any and all suggestions welcome.

I got my midwife to copy the file from my last birth. It was kind of fun to read. I remember feeling as though I had pushed for hours, and I apparently I did (for two).

SamuraiEarthMama, I can't wait to open up the windows to air out the house! I think I still have a ways to go. We put plastic up on our windows to cut down on heating costs, and I think it's too early to take it down.

Kim, thanks for starting the new thread. Wonder what happened to Madrone?
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Yeah, what happened to Madrone???

Dodo-I know we have a wedding in June and I am already sweatin' it. I'm wondering if I should contact a company that makes parachutes?????? Might be my only option by then....

Yes, I feel a big need to scrub the house down, too. But I just don't have the energy. DS is FINALLY feeling better, not back to normal, but better. He hasn't really eaten the entire weekend. Everything I offer to him he refuses. Except pretzels....hmmmm.....?
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hi everyone,

i am just checking in on this new thread. i don't have much new to report. i had a nice prenatal yoga class. some how we got started talking about breastfeeding. i blurted out i have been non-stop for almost 5 years. everyone was very surprised and asked the ages of my children again.

i will be 17 weeks on wednesday. i am definitely looking pregnant. i am going to have to give in to maternity pants very soon.

i still haven't felt much movement either. i just can't remember when i did with my other children. hopefully, i will feel this baby very soon.

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I just had to share a story with you all. My friend who was due in mid april had her baby friday! She said her water broke in the afternoon, she called her dh home from work and they went to the hospital. She wasn't having any contractions that she knows of before her water broke! TWO HOURS of labor and her little boy was born! He's perfectly healthy, despite being early, and weighed just under 6 pounds. They were totally unprepared for his arrival, in fact her baby shower was planned for this Saturday! I will be going over there soon so she can rub some easy labor dust on me!

juju: I am really looking pregnant now, too. I've been wearing mostly maternity clothes b/c anything that is tight on my tummy bugs me. It doesn't took great, but I'm comfy.

Dodo: Ok, now I'm worried about this rotovirus! Ds hasn't come down with it and I will be praying it stays away! Maybe it hasn't made it to NC just yet? Haven't heard of any kids getting it here.

Bearsmama: Speaking of NC, did you decide to vacation at the outerbanks? We used to live in Wilmington (not quite outerbanks but close)and I love the beach! You guys will have a great time!

SamuriaEarthMama: Your lazy weekend sounds so nice! Hope you enjoyed it! You totally reminded me of being pg with ds and how active he was; I used wish he'd just quit moving so much! It funny to think we'll be there soon.

Well, my best friend and her 12 month old dd are coming into town tommorrow and staying for two weeks so I probably won't be posting much, if at all. I'm so excited! I haven't seen them since her dd was 5 months old. Can't wait!

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Hey ladies,

It's sounding like dispite the exhaustion, this weekend went pretty smoothly for most of us. I had a fun weekend too. NOthing spectacular but letting ds spend time with grandparents is always relaxing.
I bought few maternity things at target. They some cute stuff. I want to go back later. Right now I flip flop. Somedays I can wear some of my big clothes, but some days I just wear maternity. I"m not showing very much but I can't fit into my normal clothes. I'm in an akward in between like alot of you are.

I hope we don't hear from the rotovirus fairy.

I am anxiously awaiting news about the house. We requested some minor repairs before closing and we're waiting to see if he'll do them or not. I'm nervous. If he does then we will be moving by the end of march!! You won't be hearing alot of me then I'm sure. Right now I am trying to find all the peices to ds's toys and puzzles and all the valves and lids to all his cups and bowls and other baby stuff and making sure nothing gets lost in the move. Then it is time for serious packing. I tend to be nitpicky during moving times. Unfortunantly. I guess I'm off to take pictures off the wall and safely stow them away.

Ta ta

PS I'm so jealous of those of you who feel kicks!
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1 baby, 1 nose, 2 eyes, 2 kidneys, 1 heart (4 chambers), and one perfect spine. I was squeezing DHs hand the whole way through. and we don't find out the gender so that piece is still a secret.

Actually I started to feel better on Sunday. DS was having one of his meltdowns and when I picked him up I got bummeled by the baby. I burst into tears right there. DH started breathing again - I really "felt" like there was something wrong with the baby. Since that event the baby kicks me whenever I pick up DS. I guess because he is starting to ride on my belly and DD is still a lot smaller it doesn't cramp the baby out so much.

I didn't know how bad I was feeling until I got home. I am just exhausted now because I haven't really slept in weeks. The baby is big but my dates are behind - see I knew to join this group!! Right now they say 8/4 so I am still thinking after that...so what is a 42+ pg!!! I've been there before.

The placenta is lying on top so they told not to expect to feel too much movement. If I do it will be on the sides and my bladder.

I would love to have the strength to skip some of this stuff as many others do but after all we went through almost losing DS I just can't help it, and that's with DD being text book labour and delivery.

I see my CNM next Monday so I am looking forward to visiting with her.

Our weekend was pretty busy. We had SD, she just turned 9, the last 2 weekends she has been a real piece of work, lying, crying, whining etc. We have been through this before and I am just not going to deal with it anymore. The kid doesn't remember her folks living together and has more memories of her setp-dad and mom (because Mom was having an affair and took SD with her) so I'm over the games. Her mom hates everything about us and if SD complains about being here she gets rewarded and then we get harrassed by the mad cow. I'm not putting up with it anymore - my house, my rules, deal.

Sorry for the tangent.
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