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Faye, welcome, and I feel the same way about not
feeling connected with the second baby yet. Hmm. I guess we are busier. Also, I had such an anxious time before because as soon as 36 weeks rolled around i was like, "let's have a baby" and then he wasn't born until 42 weeks. So this time I"m conserving my energy so I don't go crazy again. It is just a thought I had the other day. I may be taking away some of the joy. I probably should go ahead and go crazy early and get it over with. I'm just rambling now.
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Welcome Faye!!!
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welcome faye!

i think i felt the first real movement last night. i was very happy to feel it. i had been unsure if i was feeling anything until then. it was light, but enough for me to know for sure. i am 17 weeks today. it seems like you start to show earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

i can understand about not feeling as connect. i am very busy with two young kids almost 5 year old and 2 year old. it can be hard for me to find time to focus on this little one growing inside of me. the only time i have to do it is when the others are sleeping or during my relaxation time during my yoga class.

nature girl: do you plan to use the polar babies for night time diapering? i have a couple of them and have not been impressed with them for night time use. i guess it depends on what kind of diaper you use with it and how heavy of a wetter your baby is. i definitely prefer the stacinator fleece wrap for nighttime use. i have zero leaks and heavy wetters. the wool is ok, too, but the stacinator is the best i think. good luck deciding what to use. it can be helpful to have a variety so you can decide what you like best.
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Hey guys...
sorry to be a little self absorbed right now but I need all your thuoghts and prayers, please.

Remember I told you guys I had that lump under my left arm...very painful, and my CNMW and OB said they thought it was from shaving....well it is still with me and my CNMW is a little concerned at this point.
I have to call my D.O. today and see what she thinks and if there is a homeopathic remedy to get rid of the swelling.
If she cannot help me I go back to CNMW for bloodwork to check my white blood cell count for infection and if that comes back negative(which it did in Jan.) then she is going to send me else where to get it checked out.

As eventful as this whole pg has been from the start I really do not need any more stress to deal with and my poor unborn baby to have to feel from me.

not happy
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I'm back finally. Left earlier than expected because we had an incredibly cold period for this region and the electric in our old area kept blowing. The empty house next door happened to have tenants right then and I think they kept cranking up all of the electric heaters in the house. Packed up the computer right after the cold snap hit just because I couldn't use it with the electric going off all the time. All the neighbors got really good at getting into the general box to re-set it.

Once I got here and finally got my computer back on, I updated Norton and now my computer crashes everytime I run the virus check. I have 2002 and they no longer support it for me to ask them. It ran fine before the last update though and I'm paid up until June. Argh. I'm thinking about looking at free virus software too, APMamma.

We are somewhat settled in our new home. DS's potty finally has a use - me! Just cannot make it down two flight of stairs and outside to the bathroom, passing 4 doors along the way, without wetting my pants. So the potty has moved to the bedroom where I'm the one filling it up. Do want to try to find an antique chamber pot just for the larger capacity. The thought of dumping it out the window has actually been appealing to avoid the walk. But I wouldn't actually do that.

I'm feeling like I'm in the second trimester. Feel the baby regularly and the fatigue isn't an issue anymore. I've really done incredible amounts on getting things settled. The only things left are waiting on things that have to be done by DH first. I've even sewn curtains for 3 of the windows!

Unfortunately, one of those things that is having to wait is laundry. The faucet for the water to the machine is busted and leaks when we turn it on. We are a five load a week family and it's been 2 weeks. The piles are huge. But at least they are outside in the bathroom.

Chances are that the thing on your underarm is nothing APMamma. I would have an ultrasound on it though just to relieve worries. Most lumps are just cysts.

Bearsmama - You're in my thoughts. Let us know as soon as you find out something.
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MADRONE! you're back! hooray! and it sounds like you are in good spirits, considering your challenges lately. any chance we'll see pictures? we missed you, girl!

bears, i'm thinking of you today... let us know when you know anything!

apmamma, this could be ANYTHING. please don't stress on it! you sound like you have excellent caregivers and that the rest of your health is doing well. what a roller coaster this pregnancy has been for you, and we're only halfway through! let us know how you're doing...

hello, faye, and welcome! of course it's not too late... re: bonding. every pregnancy, every baby is different! and yes, it's harder when you're a full-time caregiver for a little one. try to have some alone time, first thing in the morning or just before you go to sleep, and really focus on your new little baby growing in you. maybe write in a journal, some letters for your baby? it's hard... poor second (and subsequent) babies don't get as many pictures, baby books, memory boxes... but they seem to do OK anyway!

i can't believe it, but i barfed again last night. i really thought that was all over! but i did have about two weeks of no puking, and about a week of very little nausea. and then, last night, i was just feeling putrid and wham... i was talking on the phone to my sister and just tossed it at my dh on the way to the bathroom. he didn't know i was talking to anyone and just hung up on her!

i'm reading "baby catcher" by peggy vincent. it's been a fun read so far, although she's more of a medwife than midwife. there have been several harrowing "drive the pregnant lady to the hospital NOW even though she's crowning" stories. still, the general tone of the book has been joyful and fun.

my next midwife appointment is on st. patrick's day, which apparently is a pretty big deal here in kansas city... several parades, lots of beer, much revelry. lots of irish immigrants landed here, apparently!

we're broke at the moment but the next paycheck we get, i'm gonna get me a birth ball. i've heard lots of good things about 'em, and i wanna try it myself. anyone have any good birth ball stories to share?

take care, everyone!

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Katje - I really enjoyed Baby Catcher too. It's just a fun read. My midwife and I always talk about what her patients must think of being written up like that. She's kind of like my midwife I think - she runs the gammit. MY midwife has some completely intervention free patients to interventionful and everything in between. It always amazes me how she remembers everyone's desires!!

Madrone - good to hear from you. I can't get over all this moving going on. We need to but I refuse until next year. I am not going to attempt it while pg.

Bears and apmamma - thinking of you both today
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Arrgh, I just had a "lecture" from one of my least favorite of dh's clients. This guy is always to rude to me and treats me like I am an idiot. He is one of those men who believe that women should "serve" men and be all pretty and quiet. I have had a couple of run-ins with him before and I absolutely refuse to work with him anymore. Anyway...I broke down and was eating a (very bad for you) cinnamon role with the icing topping and everything. He started lecturing me about how I was going to get fat if I ate things like that (didn't know I was pregnant) when I told him I was he started with the "you'll have to work hard to get back in shape after the baby" lecture. "Women have a hard time losing that weight they gain, etc. etc." ARRRRGH I could have popped him in the nose! I was already feeling quilty for eating the stupid thing and then of all people, HE has to walk through the door!

Please tell me that one cinnamon roll in the last 4 months isn't going to hurt my baby and that he is a flaming idiot. I feel like I am going to cry now.

Sorry about the rant.

Welcome back Madrone. Apmamma. hope everything is all right. Bearsmama, how are you doing? Any news?

juju, I will probably experiment with a few different dipes for nightime. Although I hear that the fuzzi bunz are great for night and I do plan on getting some of them.

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Ahh Madrone so glad to see you are back o.k....was getting worried we lost you....

Thanks everyone for all your TLC and support on my issue.

I went to my D.O. this a.m. and she said that she does agree it is just my lymph node inflammed from shaving. She gave me Hep. Sulph. 200 and said I should be feeling some relief by tomorrow and that since I have had this so long it may take some time to completely go away.
So now I can breathe and once again get back to feeling good in my second trimester.
very happy

Bears how did your appt go today?
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Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes and good thoughts over the past few days.

Unfortunately, we didn't get good news today. There are two issues-one much larger than the other. First, the baby has a problem with its kidneys. Apparently, they aren't draining properly and are holding on to fluid. The Perinatalogist said that this happens in some pregnancies and often rectifies itself by the time the baby is born. I will need to get monthly level#2 U/Ss to determine if this is getting better on it's own. If it's not, there is an in-utero operation that can be performed to fix it.

Second, (and this is the big one) the baby is at a very high risk of having something called Trisomy 18. This is a rare genetic abnormality. Downs happens more often, but Trisomy 18 is more catastrophic. For example, this disorder happens in like 1/5,000-6,000 live births (many don't make it to birth and are miscarried). They recommend amnio/genetic counseling to any women whose risk factor is 1/200. My risk factor is 1/58.

The good news is that the baby is growing well, moving/measuring fine, and has no heart defects-which is the big u/s marker that usually indicates Trisomy. But the kidney thing is making me and DH very worried b/c although this could just be a coincidence and is not *necessarily* associated with Trisomy 18, one of the big abnormalities associated with it is kidney failure. It just seems weird.

DH and I are overwhelmed/shocked/saddened, you name it. I kept saying to DH this week that I am usually such a good little "test taker"-nothing has EVER come back suspicious for anything. I've been lucky with my personal health and with my son's. We think we are in a bad dream.

It still could be nothing, ladies, other than the kidney problem(which of course, I am not thrilled about, but that is fixable). But we are scheduled for genetic counseling on Monday and I have an amnio on Tues. I am in good health, not considered of "advanced maternal age", and have no other issues-all good things.

I keep thinking, Why? And then, Why Not? Why would I think that I would be any different than anyone else? There is a lot running thru my head.

If you would have asked me two years ago if I would ever have considered sharing all this personal information online, I would have told you you were nuts. But now, things have changed. And this little community is where I needed to go tonight.

Please continue to send good thoughts our way. I think it does help, really. Unfortunately, we will not know the results of the amnio for up to TWO weeks. I don't know how we're going to make it. I am also very worried about the amnio itself. It is risky, and optional-but highly recommended due to my risk factor being so high. It's something that for us is the right thing to do-although there is a 1/200 chance of miscarriage with the procedure. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

thanks ladies
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Bearsmama, my thoughts are with you and I am wishing that everything will turn out right for you.

apmamma, glad things are turning out well after all

About myself, we went to my U/S on Tuesday. The sonographer said that everything, size and anatomy, was normal. I am so glad to hear that! I have been so worried about m/c or something going wrong that this has been a huge relief for me. It also just occured to me that we're almost half-way there! I'm still v. tired, but I think it is getting better. I've also started to look at when I'll start taking time off. I have 4wks of vacation yearly, so I plan to take a huge chunk of that immed before I'm due. We have a 1 year maternity leave here so I'm really looking forward to that. I didn't dare think about the leave before the U/S, for fear of being too disappointed, but now I think I can actively start to plan for the new baby and really look forward to him/her being here. I think I'll have to start practicing nursing a doll or something in my various carriers to see which one I can do most discreetly since my sister is getting married 8 days after my due date!
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bearsmama, you are definitely in my thoughts. big cyber hugs to you.

katje, i finished reading the baby catcher a few weeks ago. i enjoyed reading it.
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Hi folks! It's me, Leah W., with a brand new user name. "Foxytocin" is more clever, anyway.
My computer really hit an all-time low this week and had to visit a computer doctor, despite my efforts at resuscitation.
I sure missed you all while I was away. Didn't realize how important this group has become to me. Didn't realize how important my computer has become to me. Now that's a retched thought.

Bearsmama: Thank you for including us. I feel like somehow the group of us can give you a collective embrace to help you tap into your own inner strength.

Madrone! Great to hear from you! My Norton's was part of the problem that led to the crash. The computer guys installed AVG. It's free and they highly recommended it. And isn't life without the luxury of lots of covenient, running water an experience? I grew up in a situation where we had no water in the house several times a year. Didn't damage me in the least bit, but I sure enjoy having lots of water now.

Naturegirl: If I'd been there with you while that guy gave you grief over the cinamon role, I'd of whacked him on his head for you. Some men just don't get it. And, diaper-wise, sure can't beat Fuzzi Bunz for durability.

Hi FAye! Welcome!

And ApMama: glad the bump isn't much. Are you going to have to quit shaveing for a while?

OK. If I stay up any later tonight, I'll turn into a pumpkin.
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Bears, I'm so sorry you're having to go through so much stress! Hang in there and keep hoping for the best. We are!
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Bears I pm'ed you......
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With my 1st child, they discovered fluid in his kidneys during ultrasound. They didn't really do much about it.. he just had to have a few ultrasounds after he was born to monitor it and make sure it resolved itself.. and it did.

I am praying for you..

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((((((((Bears)))))))) - You are in my thoughts. I know someone who had an amnio and she said it wasn't that bad. Although I know that isn't your biggest worry right now.

Thanks for the welcome back everyone. I will post pictures of the house once I get some. We had a video on the digital camera that was taking up all of the card and I uploaded it to the computer today. So I'll be taking pictures soon. Even though there are still lots of things I would like to do first, I'll post the work in progress.

I figured out how much the tap water here costs and I'm actually pretty relieved that it's not very accessible. We are going to have to majorly cut down on water consumption. Using DS's potty will actually make not flushing the toilet easier. Plus, urine is great for corn! That's where it will be going soon.

Thanks for the AVG advice Leah. I'm going to do a search for it because I have to get the problem fixed soon. It's just too dangerous to go without a virus program. Didn't APMamma have computer problems which involved Norton also? Are am I just confusing people in the 8 pages of post I read yesterday. Because I think their lastest updates must not have been fully tested or something. And they won't provide support for it either. Urgh.

Glad your U/S went well Cassiemommy.
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T not me guys on the norton pc thing...my motherboard crashed..I went thru 6 hard drives with a less than 3 y/o pc...major piece of crap...
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New here

Hi everyone! I am new here and have been browsing for a few days now. It is so nice to have others feel what you are going through and be able to share with you.

Well, this is my 1st preg that has carried to term (I have lost one 4 years ago). I am ending my 19th week and things are going great- besides the fatigue and the sickness. I haev been feelnig real ill and real tired, my OB says I am just one of those unlucky ones that might have a hard pregnancy the entire time. I have gained 9 lbs and I am jsut starting to show- although no one believes me when I tell them that I am that far along.

I have had many troubles at work and I am pursuing a pregnancy discrimination case. It is terrible that I have to go through all this on top of worrying about the health of my unborn child. But alas, that comes first!

I have been feeling the internal movements for the last week and this morning I FINALLY felt the external movements- little flutters, it was so cool. I am so excited.

I am planning on using a privately owned birthing center and having a water birth- I can't wait! I still see my OB since I have had past problems, but as long as I have an uncomplicated pergnancy, I will deliver at the birth center- I am so looking forward to having it there.

Well, just wanted to introduce myself. I have a wonderful husband- Jim- and a fantastic step son- Ethan (almost 6). We are all very excited. Now if I could get work off my back!

I look forward to being part of this exciting time with everyone!

Thanks and God bless...

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Bearsmama, I'm so sorry for the stressful results. I hope the kidneys will self correct soon. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers too.

Yesterday I was a puking mess. Ds had the bug first, I had it yesterday and I think I'm over it now . Just hope dh doesn't get it. Ds is with my FIL for the day while I recover from yesterday's bug. Things with the housebuying are moving quickly now. We might clost Wednesday afternoon!! So the packing has been thrusted into high gear for me. I'm just going to do the breakables like dishes and stuff. I'm not doing any heavy lifting after that soreness in my pelvis experience.

good day, ladies.

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