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Birthing at St Joes - questions

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I've already posted about my frustration with my insurance company in another thread, but basically, for financial reasons I think Im going to have to go for a hospital birth. (We're still trying to see if we can make a HB or birthing center happen, but it's not likely)
Anyway, from reading all the reviews here, Im pretty sure I would go with a midwife at St Joes. I'd love to go with one from Generations, but they're too far from me (we don't own a car) so I would go with the HealthEast team on Grand.
This is my second pregnancy, so I pretty much know what I want and don't want... Calm would be my key word.
I have a few questions for those of you who delivered with a midwife at St Joes...
Did the midwife actually spend some time with you during your labor? Or only the nurse? (I know it would be whichever MW is on call that day, unfortunately...)
Were you able to have the baby's heart monitored through a doppler instead of being strapped (even intermitently) to a monitor?
For second time moms (or more) did you have to stay 24-48h post partum? I know I'll just be dying to get back home to my then 17 month old son...

I've also read about the childbirth collective, which sounds like a good place to start to find a doula... Again, for financial reasons, im not sure hiring a doula is do-able... What's the average cost of a doula in St Paul? Would the childbirth collective be able to direct me to a doula in training (hopefully would charge less?)
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I birthed at St. Joes in 2006. I don't recall the midwives on duty being in the room a lot, basically for checks and that was it. But we also had two doulas, so maybe they didn't feel the need to stay.
Definitely check on a doula, you should be able to get one at low cost or sliding fee scale.

Can't comment on the monitor as I eventually had to have epidural due to back labor, so I was stuck on the bed once I got the epi anyways
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Here's someone offering free doula services. I know nothing about her and can't comment on her, but I figure she's worth checking out for free! I think she's working on her certification...


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I delivered at St Joes and remember being disappointed at my midwife. She wasnt present hardly except for a few checks here and there and the birth It was mostly the nurses. I wish I would have had a doula.

If you want a home birth, dont let finances be the reason you chose not to. Just talk to some midwives and most of them are willing to work with you. I can give you the name of mine. I love her and she has been super accomidating with me about money stuff. Plus, you will STILL have to pay part of your birth. After my birth, I got a bill for about 1500 or so from my midwife, 800 from HealthEast and numerous other bills that my insurance didn't cover. I even thought I had decent coverage.
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And when are you due?
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Im due at the end of december.
Going with a HealthEast midwife, I would have my in-network coverage, which is supposed to be 100% no deductible. Are there other fees I should know about? It didnt sound like I would have to pay anything if i was in network?? (I know, this is more a question for the insurance company)
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I PMed you
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I birthed at St. Joe's in 2007. It was a short labor and I didn't go to the hospital until the last minute so she was only there for the pushing. I would focus less on your midwife and more on the nurses. It's true you don't meet them until you get to the hospital, but they can be amazing, and the nurses at St. Joe's are very supportive of natural birth. If you get one that isn't, ask for one who is. Don't underestimate their helpfulness as they see so many births and spend so much time with laboring moms. Also, St. Joe's seemed very quiet when I was there and when I toured it. If that is how it usually is, the nurses won't be rushed off their feet.

I had to have a fetal monitor strapped on for 20 minutes when I got there (hospital policy) but that was it. I left about 36 hours after the birth, if you want to leave earlier you're going to have to keep bugging them to get a move on with paperwork and the tests.
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I had my firstborn at St Joe's in '05 with a midwife from Generations. I had a waterbirth and my midwife was with me during the entire labor and delivery --a whopping 2 hours-- and spent a couple hours educating me on breastfeeding, etc afterwards. I was very pleased. I didn't love all of the nurses, but I knew that was something that would probably come with the territory. I was never hooked up to any machines and the staff knew I wanted a natural birth and they listened to me very well. Overall, it was a great experience, albeit a backup choice since the closest birthing center I could find at the time was in WI.
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I know a wonderful doula who goes often attends births at St. Joe's. Her name is Amber Kay.
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Originally Posted by kavamamakava View Post
I know a wonderful doula who goes often attends births at St. Joe's. Her name is Amber Kay.
i love amber. she's my friend though. never had her as a doula, but i know others who have and loved her.

i birthed at st. joes in 09 and absolutely LOVED my experience. i had a 38 hour labor, so i met a number of MW and nurses. i honestly didn't care whether the MW spent time with me or not. it's the amazing nursing staff there that i was after and WOW, those really are some amazing, caring, and knowledgeable nurses.

if i were to go with healtheast again, i'd go with rebecca barosso. i think she's at the grand clinic now that they closed one of the other ones.

i stayed at the hospital for four days AFTER my daughter was born simply because i was so happy there that i felt no need to rush home. admittedly, i'm atypical in the sense that most moms seem to want to get home ASAP.
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I just met her at a seminar in Seattle in April
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