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CDs seem huge on new born

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My daughter's a week old, and we've been using disposables so far. But I have prefolds and Thirsties Duo covers that I want to use. She was 8 lbs, 7 oz at birth, and the Thirsties say they fit starting at 8lbs. But they seem way too huge on her, even considering that disposables fit slimmer. Is this normal, or should we have something else until she gains a few lbs?
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I think all cloth diapers seem huge on babies until they can actually move around a little on their own. As long as the diaper is doing its job and not leaking, its all good!
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Diapers in general can be gigantic on a newborn. my 5lb newborn totally swam in even preemie stuff at first we actually went to cloth right away because the cloth (preemie prefolds and nanabottom preemie AIOS) were the best fit for her. They grow pretty fast though. I know my DD did not at all fit the thirsties covers eaither the regular or the duo but now at 6.5 weeks and 7.5 lbs with some actual meat on her thighs they are starting to work.

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Yes, they certainly can seem a little big at first. I find it easier to use a prefold and snappi with a diaper cover, even if it is a wrap. This is esp. true for keeping newborn bm's in. Try them out and see what you think

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My DD was born at 7 pounds, and I started using prefolds & thirsties duo wraps at 2weeks, when she was just over 8 pounds. I was surprised to find that the cloth was MUCH better at containing leaky ebf poop than disposables... you just have to make sure you close the cover so the prefold is fully encased. To minimize leeks into the cover, the angel wing fold with a snappi works really well for me.

So, yeah, they're bulkier than disposables, but more effective, IME, and SO much cuter!!
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Hmm. I would think the Thirsties duo wrap size one snapped down to the smallest size should fit. What size are your prefolds? I used nb until about 10 lbs, then infant from 10-15 lbs, but plenty of people use infant pf's from birth on. (GMD brand sizes are different, though)

In general, sposies are much slimmer, so cloth can seem bulky, especially when they are so little, but like others have said, I also found it kept everything in better. If I had extra length I always folded it down in back to help form an extra poo barrier, then almost always used the jelly roll fold to keep stuff in.

And baby will grow faster than you will believe and you'll wonder how she ever fit in those tiny little things.
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Thanks everyone! I'm going to take the plunge as soon as her umbilical stump falls off. I had no idea even diapering would seem overwhelming at first!
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My last started cds at 2 days. He was born in the hospital and I was afraid his cds would vanish, so I delayed until we got home. We had great fits with nanipoos.. I love fitteds that take into consideration little umbilical cords!
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