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Are there any?

This is my story. I am a low-supply mom. DD is 10 mo old. My supply kind of tanked (after trying, literally, everything except Dom. Oatmeal, fenugreek, blessed thistle, oatstraw, nettles, fennel, Goat's name it I must have tried it) - around 5 mo of Dd's age. That was when I started Dom. Supply was restored to the same decent level which we found ourselves to begin with (80% of DD's needs). We chugged along until around 6.5 mo DD started showing interest in solids. BUT - she did not take to CLW at ALL. This is why - she is allergic to quite a few foods (we know - dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts and corn). Since allergic babies aren't supposed to really chug foods - she didn't but when I fed her purees she would eat them heartily enough. That was a welcome relief to me since my supply was low and she had weight gain issues (weight totally stalled at 15 pounds when she was around 8 mo old). At 9 mo - on feeding avocado and purees - she finally gained 2 pounds to be 17# now.

Long story short...if led to CLW - she would still never have touched a morsel of any food. But my supply is about 70% of her needs now. What do I do? I cannot wait for her to be 'ready when she is".

So what do low supply moms in my situation do if the baby is not yet ready and they strictly want to do BLW? Wait forever for the baby to be ready (maybe at 14-18 mo)? meanwhile the baby is not getting 100% shouldn't they be "feeding" their LOs purees?

Sorry for the long post.