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Going Further Challenge

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I felt like we had hit a nice balance in our home about a year ago. Now I would like to go further. It's been fun. I am making outfits, downsizing even more kitchen items, decluttering even more from make up to markers and am actually having fun challenging myself. I feel like this is the next step in my journey. Would anyone care to join me?

We are family of 2 adults, 1 DS, 1 Dog and 2 kittens. I am taking this challenge to see what we can really live without. : ) I will keep y'all posted.
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Your timing is interesting, as I've been thinking about this over the past few days!

Books are my main thing. I listed 14 books on Amazon yesterday. They're part of a reference series. I bought them several months ago and shouldn't have. Anyway, trying to get something for them. Put aside about 15 books for my church's library, along with 5-6 CDs, and a CD player. Two books to other people.

I've also gotten rid of a lot of paper, some old clothes not fit for public wearing any longer, etc. But I'm also getting rid of other stuff. My cupboards were stuffed, so I packed up 5-6 bags of things for the food pantry. I want to get down to very minimal.

The Miss Minimalist blog has been great inspiration!


ETA: your username seems really, really familiar to me!
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I've been doing this the past few weeks too. I had gotten to the point where I felt like I had downsized to what we actually needed, wanted, and were using. Then our finances hit a turn for the worst and I decluttered to hold a yard sale. Even things I liked went into the pile. And clothes that still fit the kids - if they had too many shirts or pants then some got decluttered. It's amazing how many less things I "need" once I knew I would be financially compensated for it. I sold quite a bit today and I have a few more yardsales planned for the summer. I feel so amazing living with less
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That's great EarthyMama...I feel the same way!!!
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When I began my journey (and still far from the finish line!), I began with the easy items - books were plentiful in our home, so DH and I pulled out the ones we no longer used or enjoyed and donated, sold, and even traded on trading websites. Clothes were the next order of business...if it does not fit, it goes away!

I would love to join in...if the Army does not move us this summer, we are staying put for another 2 yrs most likely...this means that next April when our rental lease is up, we will be moving ourselves. I want an easy move!
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I just started weeding stuff out again, here, too...
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Bumping this thread :) We are already pretty minimal, living in a 600 sf one-bedroom apt, having decluttered plenty.. But we are ready to pare down to even less. I really think we can, though we have had people say that it can't be possible. There is no single area that we haven't gone over more than once, but I think almost every area can be weeded through again and I will find a thing or two to get rid of. A few books, a few clothing pieces from all three of us, some kitchen thingy, a couple of toys.. Oh and I'm waiting for DH to go through some dvd's that I want to get rid of, to see if there is something he must save.. and then I'm packing everything up in one plastic container. I got rid of all of my cd's but DH is still hanging on to a bunch even though we listen to the music on our computer. 

Anyway, I'm challenging myself to pare down even more. I want to continue living in small spaces with minimal stuff.

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