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Moby Positioning? (x-posted in Babyearing)

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I'm hoping for some guidance regarding size and different babywearing positions...

My little guy is now 9 weeks old. At his two-month checkup, he weighed 14 pounds and was 24 inches long. He really loves being in the Moby, but only in the upright position, so I've been wearing him in the newborn hug hold. But lately it seems like he's just too long for that; he's started pushing down with his legs a lot when I have him in that hold. Since he won't do the cradle hold and I have to be able to put him in the wrap on my own, it seems like the only other possible option is the regular hug hold. But, that would mean him sitting with his legs a little spread. Given his size, is it too early for that in the Moby?

We also use the Ergo, and he's outgrown the infant insert, but I still put him inside frog-legged using the infant insert cushion, which seems to work well.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
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My babe is almost 9 weeks, and I've been using the Moby with his legs out for the last week or 2. He had started pushing with his legs as well. He's smaller than yours, 12 lbs, 23.5 inches. He seems totally comfy and happy with his legs out, still falls asleep, etc. It doesn't seem like his legs are too spread out. I worry more about him being cramped when I keep his legs in (which I still do occasionally). Interested to hear when other people switched too...
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i put mine with his legs apart pretty early. i didnt have him straddle my waist bc that would be too far apart but it worked for us. he is also long and big- 15lbs 10 oz and 28 in at 3 mo.
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Juju is still pretty tiny -- about maybe 11 lbs now -- and I've had her in the mei tai with her legs in the froggy position for quite some time, but I don't really feel great about it; she doesn't seem to stay as comfortable for as long this way. However, now we've moved to the kangaroo position, so she can have her legs crossed (over her huge cloth diaper), and she seems more comfortable. In the Moby, I let her feet stay together however they end up naturally if she seems comfortable.
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i've been wearing my baby with her legs out for ages! i never thought about her legs being too far spread, i just went with her cues... she started fighting having her legs in, so i left them out. i think the way the moby gets wrapped, she has plenty of support on her bum and thighs, so there isn't too much pressure on her hips. she's only 10lbs at 8 wks too. maybe it's cause she was so small at birth that she seems way too big for the newborn hold now? also, i've just started using the sling hold on her too. she wasn't liking the hug hold when she was awake as much, so i'm using a sort of modified sling hold where she's not straddling my hip, but just off to one side, and she likes having her arms and head a bit more free. she has good head control though.
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I just did a Lotus Hold with Jax at 11w (12.5 lbs)... He insists on facing forward. I usually use my Maya Wrap sling, so I'm sure this is sloppy:

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Anneliese is 10 weeks and we started doing legs out about a week ago. It seemed uncomfortable for her to have them in. We're still not ready for legs out in a MT or SSC, I don't think, but I haven't really tried either...
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I haven't got a clue how big Will is now, but he's long...

He's been legs-out in the Moby for a couple of weeks (he was protesting the tucked-in legs too) and just this week we've started using the Ergo (he always hated the infant insert) - but he can't tolerate the spread legs in the Ergo for long yet. I have a friend who is going to lend me her Pikkolo, which can cinch in the seat - that should suit him better.

The only carrier he is predictably happy in is the Snuggli - but I don't want to use it!!
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Lucas would keep standing up and hated having his legs tucked in - we switched to legs out a couple weeks ago as well. He might still cry when getting settled or when he's tired of being contained, but he seems to enjoy have his legs hang.
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