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Originally Posted by Ellen Griswold View Post

Please be happy for me!!!!! I finally stopped by and got the maternity clothes from my friend - 2 GIANT TUBS. Stuff for summer, stuff for fall, stuff for at home, stuff for church, even something that will work for my parents' 50th anniversary party. I will have to buy nothing. I am so thrilled that I can barely speak.
This is great! Free is wonderful - what a generous friend you have.
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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post
So I'm sitting at my grandparents currently.. debating if I should say anything or not. I haven't announced to the family yet. I'm surprised no one has noticed, I guess I'm the only one that looks at my belly and sees PREGNANT. I probably won't say anything but I know the news will have to come out eventually... right? I'm 12+3.
I haven't told my boss yet and am trying to wait another 2 weeks before telling everyone at work. But I feel like its SO obvious even from across the room and the co-workers that see me on a daily basis MUST already be wondering. dh says I'm just sensitive.

But I work with a bunch of scientists and engineers- they're supposed to be observant. I'm going to start worrying about people if they don't pick up on it soon!
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Ellen-- LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to figure out what I REALLY need and it's so hard, mostly warm weather stuff I guess, but then Oct and Nov! I kind of want to buy a few things for then now, when they are one clearance I'm not used to buying clothes online but at least gap and motherhood have cheap shipping finally. And can I say I hate I have to shop there? only plus size stuff I have found though.

tibeca, I hear you. My patience (which I like to think I have a lot of, teaching 9th graders and mothering Sophie) zaps out suddenly these days, and when a spider came rapelling straight down at me two nights ago, I went full on crazy! Like, wailing and shaking my hair with my hands and generally being ridiculous. I LOVE how pregancy opens me up to what really matters and puts me in touch with my emotions and perceptions of the world... but the quick trip to crazytown is less fun!
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yep, drumheller, and it was amazing! my littlest was SO scared (in the museum), but the other two were completely in awe and had such a great time.

we are home now.. yay! and have the keys to our new very own house!! im over the moon.. now to get paint!
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Mama Fern- my little one LOVES dinosaurs...until she sees them in person, they are too much for her. The Calgary Zoo has these new animatronic ones and she is terrified of them because they roar and move. I think I will wait a few years to take her to Drumheller! (It's also a great place to camp)
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