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bleeding while p**ping

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hi, i'm pretty sure it's just a hemorrhoid but was curious if anyone else has had this. my mom (a RN) said bright blood isn't to worry about and so i guess this is what this is. ever since ds, baby no. two, I had one though i thought it was pretty much gone...no pain, itching, etc. But geez! every time I poop now, there is so much blood.
anyway, just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or if there is something i should know?
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I think that even if it's *just* a hemmorhoid (sp?) but there is a lot of red blood you should go see the doctor.

But ya know? Maybe a little more fiber and a little more water wouldn't hurt

(this is not medical advice, it's just my opinion. I recommend you see a doctor)
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Yup, I'd go in, too. I have one that keeps hanging on a year + after ds was born. If I have a crummy diet for a couple of days, then I get a couple spots of blood. ALways goes away when I start chugging water and eating apples, though.

I guess my question is...what's a lot? More than some spotting and I'd want to find out why. Maybe yours is just aggravated for some silly reason.
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I also will have small amounts of blood from time to time (usually when I'm eating poorly). My doc said it was an anal fissure (small crack or tear)& not to worry, but I would get checked to see what is causing yours.
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My doc. put me on 1 tblsp of flax seed oil a day..... and lets just say it has been smooth sailing since.LOL
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