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Cable is cancelled and TV is off to the shed. I have a post in the Parenting forum why we have gone TV-free that I won't repeat here but suffice to say I was NOT happy with the effects of even an hour of TV a day on my 3 year old DD. So, here we are!
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Welcome! You'll be so happy you made this decision. Good for you!
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Congratulations - you will be SO happy with this decision and after a month you will wonder why you ever watched tv!
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Welcome!! You will love the changes you see in your child!
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Welcome! I was just thinking about how much my life has changed. I feel like I have so much more time. You will love all things that will open up to you.
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Great news! Welcome. As along time no-tver (and very little screen-time for kids-er) I can say you will not to regret this very good decision.
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Welcome. We went cable free and I have been very happy with even that small decision.
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