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Pls help me understand my kundalini

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I had an amazing intuitive reading the other night. One thing that came out is that two years ago I messed with my kundalini. I can trace this change to the beginning of some life struggles.

I am interested in trying to figure out how I did this and what I can do to help rebalance myself (if that is what you do. . . )

The only thing that I can figure out was that I read about mindful parenting by Kabat-Zinn called Everyday Blessings. It was really profound for me and I started doing really gentle, mild meditation for the first time in my life. I am not sure if that is when it happened. I can't figure out how else I could have done it.

This is all an entirely new concept for me and I would really appreciate any information or guidance you wise ladies can give me.

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I'm not sure what "messed with my kundalini" means. But, we want our kundalini energy to be activated. For most of us it lies dormant unless triggered by activities like Kundalini Yoga and meditation. It is our ultimate creative energy - life force. It rests at the 4th vertebrae. Kundalini means "lock of a loved ones hair". There are also other ways to trigger it. You might want to look at some chakra balancing and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. There are some DVDs by a woman named Maya Fiennes that are wonderful. www.mayaspace.com You can get some through Netflix. Do a set and see how you feel - if you enjoy it. If you feel you are having kundalini issues (as in it is activated, but you weren't aware it was happening, etc...) you might want to cover your head while practicing. Just the crown chakra would be covered, but it isn't required. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa also has a good book to look into called The 8 Human Talents that might be helpful. HTH!
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I've read basic ideas about kundalini energies and have heard conflicting things ... my recommendation is also meditation and kundalini yoga.

I'm hooked on Ravi Singh & Ana Brett's workouts. They have a website

http://www.RaviAna.Com . I have been doing their KY workouts daily for almost 8 months. I have dropped over 20 pounds, feel a lot more grounded and focussed - and the meditation certainly takes me to a calmer place.

I highly recommend their workouts or Maya's stuff - it will help your chakra and kundalini energy overall, if nothing else!
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Hi thanks for the info.
I believe what Jamie was referring to be is that my body is off vibrationally, and that I did something to allow that change two years ago.

I will look into the links and read the suggestions.

I am feeling a bit vulnerable though, and think that the head covering is a good idea.

Does anyone have an opinion of doing this while pregnant? both spiritually and physically? I am 4.5 months pregnant.

I am about to get a homeopathic constitutional remedy and am wondering if that will help my vibrational state along.

Lots to think about. This is an area I know so little about.

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OK, pregnancy does make a huge difference. You won't want to do the Maya Fiennes or Ravi and Ana workouts while pregnant. I suggest you look at Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa's book Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful and work through it. She also has a prenatal Kundalini Yoga video (2 actually) and a postnatal. April Bernardi (Nirankar Kaur) also has one. There are also several books specifically written for women and Kundalini. The book Kundalini Rising (Gurmukh contributes to it) also discusses rising Kundalini. I am taking a guess though from what you are describing to simply say you have some chakra imbalances. Stick to the prenatal Kundalini Yoga. Work slowly. Release fears. It is a very healing thing. HTH!
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Thank you for the extra information. I checked out one of the videos and it looks like it would be a good match for me. I am excited to try and start this journey. I like the idea of releasing fears, and healing.

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