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7 month old baby sleeps better without me

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We've been cosleeping with my son since he was a little baby, in several different arrangements. For the last two months or so, it's been me, son, and daddy in the bed, and I love it!

DS does stir frequently to nurse, usually every 45 minutes. We've tried just patting his back and shhing him back to sleep, but unless DH actually gets out of bed to rock him, he will just wake up grumpy. So usually I just roll over and nurse him back to sleep... I don't usually mind this, but I've been very tired lately, so it's getting a little tiresome.

The last couple of nights I've had headaches, so I've moved to a seperate bed for a more peaceful sleep. (DS lifts his head a lot while sleeping, and snorts...) Both times DH has come to get me in the morning, about 4 hours later, with a happy baby who slept the entire time!

So the summarize... DS will sleep an hour straight with me in the bed, but up to 4 hours with DH! Should I permanently move out for better baby sleep?
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We had a similiar experience with DD. We have been cosleeping since we brought her home from the hospital. She had been waking anywhere from 8-10 times per night and sometimes staying awake for long periods. We tried setting up her crib in a sidecar position and having her sleep there, but she refused to sleep there. I was starting to get to the point where I wasn't getting a restful nights sleep so we set up a full size mattress on the floor in her room and started having her sleep there. I still nurse her to sleep and nurse her whenever she wakes at night, but she is down to only waking 1-2 times per night now.

I think that it is totally up to you and your family and what works best for you. This is something that we had to do so that I could get some rest at night so that I could function during the day since I work outside the home 4 days a week.
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Both of my kids hated co-sleeping. By that I mean they were horrible at it, wanted to nurse every 30min and wanted to be held, kicked, hit, pinched, cried. They both slept TONS better in their own cribs.

I would have loved to co-sleep with them, but in retrospect I am SO HAPPY we let them have the space they desperately needed and wanted.

I do believe some babes just don't do well co-sleeping.

That said, DD still wakes to nurse a couple times a night, I am totally fine with that!
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