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How many months to conceive if you were >35?

Poll Results: How many months did it take to conceive at 35 or older?

  • 80% (38)
    1-4 months
  • 8% (4)
    5-8 months
  • 4% (2)
    9-12 months
  • 6% (3)
    12+ months
47 Total Votes  
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I'm piggybacking on the thread asking if it took longer for people to conceive as they aged. I'm posting a poll because I'd like to see some numbers that way. So if you are 35 or older, how many months did it take you to conceive a baby?
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I am 38 and it took us 5 months. The time we conceived was actually the first time we had good timing (issues with travel and/or illness during previous months).

Some things in my favor - I am very healthy, was having regular cycles at the time (I was charting), and DH is several years younger than me. This is the first for both of us.
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At 35, it happened on the first try! In fact, it was a bit of a surprise...the best surprise! I wonder how long it will take for 2 though. We will probably start trying soon. Like PP, my cycle is as regular as they get plus I haven't been on any hormonal birth control for quite a long time.
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I don't want to mess up your poll results, but I'll say at 34 it took 6 months (with one m/c at 2 months). It actually took LESS time this time than at age 30..but this time I was taking d3 (I live in a northern climate) and had been really good about nutrition, supplements, etc.
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I'm lol because for the record~ 3 weeks before my 35th birthday we concv'd this babe unexpectantly. The reason this is 'funny' to dh and I is this is the only time I've ever concv'd without months/years of medical intervention. We've gone through infertility EVERY TIME~~ until now.
So I guess my poll would be 1-4 mos~ thats what I answered but maybe it will slant the resultsas we actually weren't trying~ in fact thought everyone was here and we were 'done', though I did have that niggling feeling there was 1 more, I had accepted that we would never have another bio baby

Probably more of an answer than you wanted .

BUt...My good friend is 37 and just started her family. It took them 2 months, she is pretty steady with her cycles and has clear fert. signs~ she is 20 weeks now with a baby girl.
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My first took 6 months of TTC with charting and 2 years of not preventing before that. I was 34 when we conceived.

With this one at 36, I was on just my 3rd pp cycle! We were trying but it was still a big surprise. I thought for sure that it would take a lot longer.
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I'm 39, 38 when I conceived. We had two losses due to genetic abnormalities. I started seeing an Eastern medicine specialist and after two months of herbs, exercise and acupuncture she allowed us to try again. We got pregnant on our first try and I am currently 36 weeks along with a healthy baby girl!
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We joke that it's a good thing I was on the pill all those years! It happened the first time for us. Quite a shock!

ETA - I was/am 36.
One more edit to say I'd only had 1 period since going off the pill after being on it ~15 years. We just figured we'd stop using protection and see what happened. Since I hadn't been regular before the pill I figured we'd have at least a few months wait!
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First try for both my kids--at age 32 and again at age 36. My mom calls me "Fertile Myrtle."
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this time it took us 2 months - and i am 38.
last time it took us 1 month - and i was 35.
we got very very lucky
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This is so reassuring! Thanks everyone!

I have been really, really worried about declining fertility with age (my first was conceived at 28, my second at 31, and I'm now 37.) I really want to get the timing right because I'm a teacher and I've been worried that if it took me too long I'd be stuck with making a choice about a beginning of the school year due date or to stop/postpone trying.
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At age 39, I became pregnant after four months of trying, had an early miscarriage (<6 weeks), then became pregnant two months later with my now DD.
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At 37 we got pg the first month we tried. At 41, 42, now 43 it has taken over a year.
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1 month, but that was after 2 MC and 6 mos of weekly acupuncture/herbs.

I got pg the month after my D&C for the second MC. (anembronic pg that bled for 3 mos. I finally gave up being able to "do it all myself")
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I got pregnant at 37 the first month of trying and then again with #2 at 38 when I was 9 months PP the first month of us trying .
I feel very blessed!
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At 36 -- umm... a few hours? At almost-39, 1 1/2 months after taking out Mirena. Had a miscarriage, though, so we were trying again 5 months later. I said, "Maybe we should wait until I get a regular cycle, but what if it takes a while?" So we stopped using birth control and roughly 5 days later (according to ultrasound dates) I was pregnant again! I have a younger husband, though, which I think helps things along.
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Hmm, I really wanted to choose two answers, since this is our 4th pregnancy after 35.

We got pregnant the very first month we started trying, when I was 36. That was a blighted ovum. It took 8 months after the miscarriage to get pregnant again (at 37), but I was very stressed in between - we got married, bought a house, my mom died, and my job went to hell. I think I would have gotten pregnant sooner without all that other stuff!

When we were ready to try for #2, I removed my IUD and we waited a cycle to start trying. That took, I think, 3 cycles. I was 40. That embyro stopped developing at 7w3d, and I had a d&c at 11 weeks. I am now 41, and it took us 4 cycles to get pregnant with this baby, which is due in November.

I wish you the best of luck! for conceiving quickly with a baby!
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I've had a history of losses but TTC is not our problem. Between ages 33 and 37, I've conceived four pregnancies in a total of five months of trying.
My SIL has had two healthy kids conceived in a month or two at 36 and 38.
Obviously this isn't the only reason, I read (in TCOYF) is that one reason older couples may have more trouble conceiving is because they simply have sex less. There's no doubt that DH and I were having more sex at 25 and 26 than we are now at 37 and 38. When TTC, we start DTD at least daily quite early in the cycle and keep at it until my temperature confirms we can stop.
Sending you lots of positive thoughts!
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I chose 5-8 but that's not the entire story. Our twins were conceived on our first IVF cycle. I was diagnosed with completely blocked tubes, so IVF was our only option. Fast forward 2 years, our sex life became normal once again, and within 6 months I found myself pg. So, no real 'trying', it just happened. Not sure if I'm helpful in this poll, but I was 35 when the twins were conceived and now I am 38, so age appropriate anyway!
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I'm 37 (close to 38). We've been trying for a year and half - 3 miscarriages, and now a successful (fingers crossed) pregnancy.
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