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New to sewing

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Hi, I am a beginner who just purchased her first sewing machine today as a birthday present! I'm wondering if any of you more experienced seamstresses could direct me to some cute patterns that would be good learning/beginner patterns for clothes or toys I could make for my two-year-old DD. Something online would be preferable, or in a well-known book that I could look for at the library.

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Hi There Lalaith!

Congrats on the new machine. Have you been using it so far?

I did a quick Google search for "sewing free kids patterns" and the results look promising. Sewing.org. seems to have projects you might be interested in. I must say, I'm glad I ran across your post, because some of those projects look interesting to me, too.

I love to sew, but am still a beginner. Need to pull out the ol' machine and make a few things. I love to sew and watch old movies for some reason. It's a favorite pastime of mine.
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Thanks, Denise!

Good luck to you as a beginning sewist as well.
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i like the 'sew what' books. i would also look through the sewing section- 646 in dewey - of your public library to see what they have. get some general ideas about how things work before you start. some good simple projects are drawstring bags, bibs, shopping totes, waldorfy dolls or baby blankets- do something like that to become familiar with the settings on your machine.
simplicity patterns are supposed to be the easiest. i personally like to use these rather than online patterns (but i am a tutorial JUNKIE) because they can be reused and they are the size you want them to be (internet patterns not always, some need enlarging, etc.)
there are tutorials galore out there, and craft blogs are amazing resources.
craftster also has a beginning sewer forum here.
good luck!!!
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