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Some of these wonderful healthy foods cause...

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GAS...any natural prevention or treatment strategies?

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Give it time. If your body isn't used to digesting so much fibre it will react at first but it won't take long before it adjusts. Make the adjustments gradually and you should be fine. Many people find that when they become accustomed to a healthier diet they run into digestive troubles when they return to the SAD.
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i find that beano helps but I'd rather have something more natural too. Anytime I eat dairy or high fiber items I tend to have pretty strong gas. naturally, I don't want to avoid fiber... so I'm not sure what to do! OP, thanks for asking.
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What Shanti said. I've definately noticed that things that used to give me gas now don't so much anymore now that my body is used to them. Maybe add them slowly and steadily to your diet? And keep a bottle of perfume in your purse for uh-oh moments??? (I blame it on the baby....LOVE having a baby!)
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One thing that can really help is making sure that you don't reduce your consumption of dietary fats too low. Fats are essential for health and digestion, and oftentimes in the name of "healthy eating," folks wind up eating way too little fat, and fats can really help your body deal with more difficult-to-digest foods like beans and greens. For example, some extra-virgin olive oil on your green veggies will make them less likely to make you gassy.

So I would recommend including plenty of healthy sources of fats-- olive oil, wild-caught salmon, avocado, unrefined coconut oil, grass-fed butter and whole milk, meats, eggs, etc.

Make sure you soak your beans well, and discard the soaking water. Lentils and brown rice also often benefit from a soaking time, even though most cookbooks don't specify this. A lot of us also soak our grains, as well. The soaking begins the process of digestion, and breaks down the most difficult-to-digest compounds in the food so that your body doesn't have the burden of doing it.
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I've been eating lots of whole grains and veggies for years so maybe it's just age!
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Digestive enzymes help A LOT. We have been taking these for years, and this is the cheapest place I have found them. (Free shipping over $75)

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