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Originally Posted by justmeandmybrood View Post
Here is our kitchen - fairly tidy on the countertops, but clutter lurks under them, lol!





Now my drawers and cabinets are a MESS - my cabinets start out neat, but then as I cannot find space for the rest of the "stuff," it gets tossed on top of the neatly piled/stacked items. My drawers...well, I give up!!



Cool, I'm sure we can keep the momentum of this thread going through the Merry Month of May. You and I have eerily similar kitchen floor plans, although my sink is on the right wall from the stove. I love your granite counter tops!!!

ETA: You also have identical flooring to mine! Mine is tile. Is yours tile or the linoleum that looks like tile? I'll have to take and post some pics.
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Mine is also tile This house is just a rental, as we are here for just 1-2 yrs...but I rather enjoy the layout, and love having enough windows and space to add some personal touches, though I wonder sometimes if I should just clear all counters and be rid of clutter catchers, lol!

Looking forward to your pics!
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Well, I haven't done anything since my initial purge, but I am still motivated. I love the new space on the counters since we ditched the microwave and the cabinet I cleared is really tidy and much easier to use.

I did get to Target and buy a couple of big bins to use for dh's mom's china. I am really, really, really not looking forward to doing this. The dishes are so terribly fragile and there are so many! I know if I can just get them cleared out of the kitchen and stored away safely I will feel a lot better. It is just a matter of finding time to do it when I don't have kids underfoot.

My goal this week:

Pack away the china (hopefully we can give it away, dh's brother is interested in it).

Clear out one more cabinet.
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RuthieGirl, it sounds like you have made a great start, woo hoo! You have inspired me now!

I have chunked (well, will probably donate) a small bag with extra plastic forks/spoons from the kiddos - a lot of it, lol, and an electric knife. I also organized and went through the coupon drawer and recycled tons of old coupons. There is not much else I can get rid of, but I do need to figure out a better way to organize it so things do not fall out of the cabinets when I open them
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