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*Disturbing* Dozens Walk Past...

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Dozens Walk Past Dying Hero...

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was stabbed several times in the chest while saving a woman from a knife-wielding attacker. Then he bled to death while dozens of people walked by -- one stopping to snap a picture of the dying man with his cameraphone before leaving the scene.
Who the h$ll takes a picture?

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Wow. Yikes.
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That's so awful.
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I saw this the other day. I cannot understand how they could just walk by. It makes me so sad, especially since he was hurt trying to help someone else.
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wow. That is incredibly sad. It makes me lose a little bit of faith in the human race
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Devil's advocate here: I would bet that people walk past homeless people lying on the ground all the time, and don't call police/check on them/help them. They/we keep on walking. If a passerby saw him lying on the ground, didn't see blood, and hadn't seen him stabbed, maybe they thought he was asleep or drunk. The only thing out of place that I could see in the video was that he wasn't tucked away against a building like most other homeless people.

Having said that, I think it's terrible he was left for so long.
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I'm guessing that the last person to walk past (who turned the victim over to check response) called emergency services. Basic first aid, which we should all be more aware of...
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Irish, I agree. Prior to the advent of cell phones, I have walked by people on the sidewalk, especially when I took the bus late at night. Now, I think I would have used the cell phone to call 911, even if I didn't actively get involved.
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